Company funded pension

by Mary L

What happens with my company funded pension when I reach age 62?

Wendy: I need more details.. are you still working for the company or did you leave years ago but have a deferred pension still there? Is the pension a lump sum 401K type pension or a monthly benefit pension?

All companies have different pensions, they design the plan and administer it. Without details, I can't even guess what you are really asking. Just drop me a comment below and I will try to hekp you!

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Monthly pay out
by: Mary L

I am still working for the company. I have my 30 years and age 55 requirements met and would like to retire in 2 years. The pension is paid out monthly.

Wendy Mary, please use the "contact me" (bottom left) and we can talk privately via email. I still don't quite get what you are asking. Sorry!

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