Computer Scam

by June

Hi. There is a scam on your computer where the screen turns red and warns u to not turn off your computer or delete the msg or you could lose everything on your computer.

Somewhere in the msg Microsoft is mentioned and a 1-800 # is given for u to call for repair. The tech person is foreign and if you let them into your computer thru Citrix they will show you a screen with all the invaders inside your computer then try to sell u repair software at a cost of over $2000.

If u refuse, they plant a virus and lock u out of your computer. I had to take mine in to be repaired and to be able to get back in. Money out of my pocket. The repair guy said he had someone come in that was so frightened by one of these scams that he threw his computer in a fire to get rid of the threat.

So do not fall for these scams.

Microsoft or the FBI or police, etc. will not make these threats.

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Computer scams
by: Anne D/London

We've been getting these a lot recently. It's a pain but is definitely a scam.

Open Task Manager (control/alt/delete or right click on the taskbar) and end the task of your browser and it will go away.

Download Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro (free trial) and run them. Anti-virus software is essential but doesn't always pick up adware and malware.

Other hints online if you Google the problem. I keep getting these things periodically - really annoying.

by: Wendy,

Just saw Kaspersky on the news...I didn't watch it much, I don't use Kaspersky (never heard of it until I saw a post here).

Found the post and wanted to add a footnote... GOOGLE: Kaspersky in the News and make an educated decision, IF you are looking at software for keeping your computers safe.

Computer Scam
by: Ken San DIego

I once received those 'computer hostage scams' and I called the 800 number just to give them a piece of my mind. The man on the other side was no doubt from India (I recognized the don't be sending me emails saying I was biased etc. ;-)

He said, you will have to listen to me and we can free your computer ...He would give me instructions, and I would always say "HUH, sorry I'm a senior, I can't hear what you just said, please 'repeatah' he rambled again, click this, select this, then I said "HEY I just got a QVC deal that just popped up on my screen, 2 Lock & Lock containers for only 17.95, hold on....

HEY, my system works, Now? what did you call me for? ... ((((( CLICK )))) they never bother me again! (until my next call)

Had this happen
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

I had this happen to me and I did let the tech have access to my computer and talked to him on the phone as he showed me all the breaches that had been made on my computer. When he began talking to me about how much it would cost me to rid my computer of all the hacks, I told him I couldn't afford it. Fortunately, my cell phone died and the guy did not do anything bad to my computer. I just shut everything down and when I restarted, I ran my webroot security scan and it was okay.

Protect Your Computer
by: Linda/Nevada

An episode very similar to what is being described happened to my computer about seven years ago. My computer locked up and I kept getting a message to purchase something that would fix my computer.

I installed Kaspersky Internet Security software and I had to reset my computer to the factory settings with a restoration disk. It took several hours but I was able to get my computer back on track. I lost all my files but it was a small price to pay for such a scare. I did not have to take my computer to a shop or spend any money other than the price of the security software.

Ever since then, I keep Kaspersky current on my computer. I have not had any viruses or problems because Kaspersky is very good about warning you if you are about to click on a dangerous link when you are on the internet.

Don't let your computer be without security software. Kaspersky is not expensive and it is very effective in protecting your computer from viruses.

by: Anonymous

If you get any of these things on your screen suddenly just turn off the computer. Put it on again a few minutes later and everything is fine.

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