Concept of "Identity" and Transitioning From the Fairway, to the Green!

by Marsha
(midwest, usa)

Metaphors.. translate/paint a picture, convey life, at times, better than labeling w/words.?

A friend stated, that her mother used to say,

"Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the more that's used, the faster the roll goes!"

so describes life for me-- where did the time go??!

We baby boomers, are accustomed to a fantasy of "liner, life-- happy ever after endings and a kind of innocence" that just simply isn't reality…. it's a tough process, to go through - tougher still, if one is a divorce (more than once for me and ashamed of it) or widowed or just w/o a live in partner..through break ups, unsuccessful partnerships.. etc… work, friends, or lovers and or spouses.

Loved the comment, “Is there a church for “atheists?" Even seniors who have made it to 90 that have been friends of mine (former parents friends) say.. it's hard to keep a faith, when at the end one is aging.. even if not chronically ill…

I have girl friends, w/lengthly marriages, who complain about husbands (for what are things I wouldn't mind, complaining about), then I have widowed friends; who are starved for a "partner" - and trying to busy themselves, with jobs or hobbys, just to convince themselves, they are "happy and have quality lives" and they seem 2 dimensional to me.. (my opinion friends.. not a negative, just a "perception" I have 0 college degree's, or certificates, I do have a drivers license.

Folks…Let's not go quietly… We can take care of ourselves, we need to reach out, smile to the grocery check out, enjoy the moment (literally) and quit focusing on the future..

We all know the truth; our innocence is gone… we are not children, waiting for the tooth fairy or easter bunny or santa or maybe even christ to fix our lives..

Say the serenity prayer--and live w/gratitude for a blue sky, a breath of fresh air, a smile in return.. live w/curiosity for each day!

Take time to smell the flowers… or look or touch them… possibly, nature is our best and only source of reassurance and peace of mind..

Love, Peace and Strength to us all… let's take care and watch for one another… and smile or give a hug… share ourselves.

We are born out of the greatest generation… it's our responsibility to make them proud! I say that works for me!

Make history, this moment!

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by: Joe W.

Yes, Marsha let's seize the moment with our courage and with our own interests, talents and knowledge on retirement and aging.

The Boomers/Elders will not live forever. I think that we still need to get together more to help each other the same way we got together in the 50's & 60's to solve some of the social problems at the time.

Somehow we need to move from relatively passive seniors centers to joyful and meaningful lifelong learning centers and hopefully active, creative and productive retirement.

by: Anonymous

For me Transitioning from the Fairway, to the Green is more positive.

Throughout the Fairway you are getting whacked hard.

While on the Green it's often just a love tap into the cup.

Too many seniors end up in the rough or more troubling hitting through the trees and outside the golf course. These are the people that are usually sad, anxious and become depressed.

What Legacy do you want to leave behind? You'll need to fix any personal problems first then find a way to be happy.

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