Consider These Part-Time Jobs

by Tom Damron
(Plano, Texas)

I hear that some of you are bored during retirement, if you need a little extra 'mad money or if you're just interested in helping people there are a multitude of good part-time jobs floating around both seasonal and year-round.

I am going to list a few opportunities that are waiting for you to walk in and lend a hand. You will find my first recommendations below. Look for more next week, Maybe one or two will hit your hot button and lead you to a satisfying use of your retirement time.

Adjunct professor
There are more jobs than ever for non-tenure track, or adjunct, professors. In 1969, just 21.7% of college faculty were adjuncts; now more than two-thirds are - and you don't always need a Ph.D. to get these positions.

Live Near a National Park or Monument?
Go to Cool that posts mostly seasonal jobs. They typically pay minimum wage or slightly higher..

Becoming a tutor is a great option for retirees. Thanks to flexible hours, you have the ability to work near your home and the chance to help young people.

Teacher's Aide
A great way to keep your own energy flowing is to work with kids and grab hold of their contagious energy. Most schools are looking for qualified people to work with teachers

If you live near an airport, Shuttle Drivers are generally in demand. Hotels and motels hire shuttle drivers to pick up their customers at airports and large train terminals. and with the advent of services like Uber and Lyft, you can even drive your own car and completely control your schedule!

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Professor's posting
by: Teran/Indianapolis

Where did you post your job desire for a position with no work, small pay, and room and board?

I'm in China finishing a contract and would like to continue short term positions such as this.

Keep on keeping on
by: Sherry Wilmington, NC

Yep, I have always said "anything is possible"

I once got a job offer with no work ...hahaha
by: Retd.Prof.Durgeshkumar Srivastava, C-2,Janakpuri,New Delhi-58, India

I am a retired man, a college professor, aged 73 plus years. I retired from teaching Banking and Insurance to Bachelor class college students in mid 2010 after my heart byepass surgery. But soon I got bored sitting at home. I wanted some light work or a job without any work.

My wife and sons made fun of my stupid dream. I then posted my details on the Internet and said that I am looking for a job with no work, a small pay, simple board and lodging for a single person anywhere in the world.

My family made more fun of my efforts. But I kept silent.

After about two months, I got an email from Australia, offering me a job just be there in a large rural house occupied by a lonely person, who wanted someone to be visible .... hahaha.

I did not go as at that time we were constructing our house. DKS, 4 June, 16

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