Considering moving 7 hours away

by New Grandma Arkansas

My husband and I both hate cold weather and have been looking at moving 7-8 hours south to costal Texas.

Now we find out our son and his wife are having their first baby(our first grandchild).

Now we are torn, do we stay in the state where we HATE winter or move to Texas and come visit once a month.

I feel so guilty and torn between staying here where we can see our grandbaby every couple of weeks or move and hope and pray to see the baby once a month or so..UGH!!!

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All good Answers
by: Gail/California

I read all of the comments on "Considering moving 7 hours away," and they are all good comments from both sides.

Interesting topic to me.

When our two daughters graduated from high school, they left here and never looked back. So we're used to being without them around. No grandchildren birthed yet, but one adopted grown child already.

So someday, we may be in the same place. But so far, we have decided to retire in place. Fixing up our house of 32 years.

Yes, it gets hot here, but we never have to shovel snow. But if I ever have to move to be near them, I pray it is a political climate I can tolerate as well.

I wish everyone could just get along!

Get moving and live YOUR life
by: MICHAEL - Venice, Florida for the winter!

This is similar to the story where the grandparents move to be near the grandchildren. Next thing they know, their son or daughter has to relocate, and off go the grandkids to the new location.

Do what is best for you and your husband. You already plan to visit once a month.

Being happy with where you live will enhance your life, make you a happier grandmother, and that, in turn, will make for a happier grandchild!

Grandchildren are important
by: Nana

Personally, I would chose staying where you are.
These early years with a grandchild cannot be had again and the bonding at these early years are important for grandparents and grand babies. Don’t cheat yourself.

by: Gill

You've brought up your kid(s) so how about some time for you and your husband. Dunno that mid Texas with the politics would be that great and how warm is too warm?

Moving 7 hours away
by: Sherry/ NC

You will get tired of driving 7 hours to visit.

It is 50, 50. You want to move and this is what
you should do if you want to, but you will miss
them. You can talk on the phone or facetime or
email. Go visit when needed, go once a month or go
every other month; if they want you there.

I have a sweet neighbor and her son lives in another state and her daughter lives in London.
They facetime every Sat. morning. This is their
time together. The son and daughter come to visit
once a year and she visits her son every Christmas.

This works for them. They are happy.
I hope you will be happy, too.

Think hard before moving
by: Anonymous

I retired and moved from NJ to Alabama to be near my son and his family.

I’m a cultural and political outlier down here, and given the current political environment in this country, I’m very very unhappy here, even though my daughter and other grandchildren are here now too.

I cannot tolerate the flags, the plentiful guns, the intermingled church and state issues which means prayers in public schools, and the food.

As soon as I can get one of my children to move back north with me, I’m out of here.

Please think long and hard about making that move if you are of a different political persuasion of the deep red south.

A plane trip several times a year to see your grandchild sounds better from my perspective.

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