Considering Retirement at 60

by Don C.

I can get my pension next year at 60, draw social security at 62. I inherited a little less than 90K last year.

I have had double depression and dysthymic disorder. This has been a lifelong thing. Some days I can barely move or get out of bed.

I have been with my current employer for 19 years. I can (a) go out at 60 and draw SS in two more years (b) go out at 60 and work elsewhere for two years or (c) at 60 retire but ask my employer if I can work two days per week, draw my pension, and in two or more years draw social security. I volunteer a lot right now.

Any thoughts?

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Ease your way into retirement
by: James

Maybe it's a good idea to ease your way into retirement by working a couple of days a week part-time after you reach retirement age.

Actually, I worked part-time for four years prior to full retirement and I think it helped when I was finally retired by my company. Good luck.

What feels right to you?
by: Nancy

If you want to retire, I think the option to work a couple of days a week would be best.

The first year I was retired, a lot of people encouraged me to get a part-time job or volunteer. I finally realized that what I missed was the job I retired from.

If I had been able to stay on part-time, it would have been good. Be careful with the depression, for me it was a grieving process, retiring. I did suffer from depression.

Take care and keep coming back to this group.

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