Content But Sometimes Sluggish

by Martini

The first year of retirement was a joy. I think because it was the honeymoon phase.

Now going on the second year I feel content, but there are days that are sluggish. I toy with the idea of finding a part time job then I talk myself out of it.

I am am a retired teacher. I have always done better if I make a mental note to accomplish 3 things everyday other than the usual stuff. It seems to work, however I do not feel guilty if I didn't tackle what I was set out to do. I know there is tomorrow.

All I can say is count your blessings and try to look at things in a positive way.

Retirement is a new chapter and can be a life long journey.

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A little lost and confused
by: Sharon

I am at the end of my first month of retirement. For some reason I am tackling the "when I retire" chores as if I have some self imposed deadline.

It is either one I am extremely tired from the pace or two if I slow down the dread of being lazy slips up on me. Some days it is all I can do to take a shower, then others I work late into the afternoon.

This site has helped me understand there are various emotions that go with retirement. Now I am not depressed by the situation, just confused.

I reach 60 this month and I have been working full time except for a month after the birth of my only child who is now 37.

Wonderful husband that will work for about 4 more years and two grandsons I see regularly, so why can't I just be happy? Does it take a certain amount of time?

Everyone seems to think I should just be blissful in this situation - I tell them sometimes things are not as you dream it will be.

Any insight from those with more experience would be appreciated.

Wendy YES, it takes time... those who think its blissful have likely not retired yet. Some retirees DO feel automatic freedom and are content with life, but for many, its simply a transitional time of life. Give yourself time to take a break, time to breathe, time to figure out your new life... Blessings!

by: barb hildreth/cdga

i like retirement but sometimes i wish i stayed working... i liked the routire. barb

Maybe Not
by: Ricardo

We are given today as "the present" one is promised a tomorrow! That may sound a bit depressing is reality....ESPECIALLY as we age.

So, I say, enjoy the present as you slowly unwrap it....tomorrow......well........

There is always TOMORROW...
by: Wendy,

Content is good! Many of us don't find that contentment for a long time!

My comment is more on the "I know there is tomorrow."

Isn't that the truth?

Oh My -- when working, we know how limited our time is, but when retired, it's kinda like the Annie song...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, there's always Tomorrow....

Good one!

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