Continue To Work After Retirement Age

by Jane

I am 53 and still have 2 more years to retirement.
Although I would love to retire but in order to have financial security, I would prefer to continue working after my retirement age.

Nowadays, when you have financial security then you will have peace of mind and better relationship.

Does anyone agrees to this?


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Whoa. Take a minute to reflect.
by: HansS

I retired at 60 due to a serious job burnout followed by a months long depression. This was about 2 years before my vaguely planned retirement date.

The most important suggestion I could make is to give yourself a number of months at a minimum to adjust before you work again.

At first I wanted to get back to my same career as soon as possible but my view has gradually changed. Whether I go back to some form of work in my previous career or do something new will now be based on a great deal more wisdom and a completed adjustment to not doing the same thing.

I think the familiarity of the old work clouds the possibilities open for retirees and it would be a shame not to try something perhaps greatly gratifying due to old habits and expectations.


Working afte retirement
by: Anonymous

I'm 65, and I'll continue teaching high school for a minimum of two more years, perhaps even 3 more years. I've retired twice, but in both instances I came back into teaching for a variety of reasons.

I can draw full survivor's benefits when I turn 66. At that time, I'll continue to teach for at least another year afterward and receive survivor benefits in addition to my salary without losing any of my benefits.

When I turn 67, I'll do a check on my health (both physical and emotional), and if I haven't gotten to the point that I'm physically and emotionally stressed out by teaching teenagers, I'll continue to work.

If, however, I see that I've lost my enthusiasm for teaching and/or my physical stamina has declined sharply, I'll retire and pursue other interests.

I'm a widow with no children or grandchildren. My parents and grandparents lived into their 90s with very few health issues. If I'm fortunate, that will be my pattern, as well.

My idea of retirement is staying involved with people and pursuing things I like to do. Because I enjoy traveling throughout the country, it's necessary for me to have the funds to do so.

So, continuing to work until I'm 67 or 68 is the way to save up $$$ so I can travel, indulge my hobbies, and be financially secure.

by: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

WORKING. HERE'S MY INFO.;;drop me a line.

Totally agreed
by: Sophia


Im totally agreed with your words

Financial Security is the Foundation of our Life.

Don't retire yet!
by: Sheila

Fifty-five is too young to retire unless you have health problems and good plans in place to occupy your spare hours. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that you will live another 50 years!

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