Continuing On

by Ruth Johnson
(Buffalo, NY)

Changes caused by living longer. More severe reaction to an unknown allergen, more trips to the local ICU and a long rehab.

The mind finally realized I was a danger to me and any other human on the road. I decided my days of being behind the wheel of an auto are over. What an adjustment after 65 years of motor freedom. And the learning still continues.

I am still writing, something I learned to do after the age of 80. My book is complete, waiting to get it published. I infected my building with the love of Haiku. Our club was written up in the local paper.

Here is one for you.

Arise with sunbeams
What will you do with this day?
Make it wonderful!

Ruth Johnson

Comments for Continuing On

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You reminded me of something
by: Larry Steward / SC

I appreciated your post. So many things catch up to us as we age. It made me think about why women around the globe live longer than men.

Here is an article I found on that makes the case.

We need to take care of ourselves. These golden years are precious.

I love haiku!!!
by: Junebug is WI

Sounds like you are living to the fullest, great!

Environmentally Friendly
by: Joe W.

Hi Ruth! Congrats on your recent decision to stop driving. Welcome to the self imposed Environmentally Friendly group. Are you a poet or are you trying anything new to be more creative in your own retirement life?

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