Coping with retirement

I retired 1 year ahead of mandatory age.

Prior to retirement, i had my share of concerns about how to occupy my time after having worked 35 years without a break.

I guess it is important to just tell your mind that things will work out. Meanwhile reach out and talk, even with strangers at the shop, pub. It helps to see how others cope. Just don't stay at home... reach out and do anything to be occupied.

I managed to recently start a new job nearby and the social interactions really help.

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Coping with retirement
by: Ira

I recently retired ( about a month and a half ago) after 28 years in public accounting at 62 1/2, also a bit ahead of what I wanted. Retired earlier because of career burnout. Ihit an emotional wall that was affecting my health. Decided that was it.

Summer is easier since I like the beach, the gym, hiking and doing some biking.

Definitely an adjustment period. Have to try out different hobbies and look into volunteering to give me some new purpose.

Dog people
by: Wilmimgton

She might be embarrassed because she did not check on her dog for five hours. Some people are givers (like you) while others are takers. Don't stop your kindness, just find another person to bless who appreciates the gesture & sacrifice of time.

Coping with retirement
by: Sherry

I am always willing to help with anything and anyone. I look to help.

Recently I was walking a neighbors dog once everyday for free. The neighbor has a bad back. I went to pick up the dog at 2:30 and she said I need to go run errands and I will be gone a long time and I said I don't have any where to go so I can keep him.

Well, she took it for granted she could leave him with me as long as she wanted to. The dog was still at my home at 7:30 that evening.

I called her at that time and ask her if she was at home and she said she was coming to get her dog and she did. When she picked him up she said thank you and left. I feel she should have called me by 6:00 anyway to ask if
I was ok with the dog? I never heard anything from her and I haven't been walking the dog any longer.

Please give me your opinion???

Helping Others
by: Wendy,

Helping others and keeping busy is the key to the retirement transition. If you don't want to lose yourself -- do something!

It sounds easy, it is not. We get mentally down and don't care to go out. It's easier to watch mindless tv and hide -- as you get in a worse mindset day by day.

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