Costa Rica ??

by Tim and Sandi
(Atl Ga)

Hello new friends I've been retired 2 yrs I'm 56 and very healthy, My bride will retire in 1.5 to 2 yrs and tell them to take that job and ........ it.

No not at all, either way, we live in Atl Ga and were looking into Costa Rica. Would like some feedback from all or any... the good and bad. Also don't like the Humidity or the bugs in the south ready for a nice summer evening outdoors BUG-free.

Thanks Tim and Sandi in da south.

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speak the language
by: Anonymous

We traveled extensively in retirement but over thirty years ago we tried to find a world agency which could help us find a spot where we could be useful and did not succeed. However, today there are many opportunities.

I would suggest that you learn Spanish until your wife retires and find an agency which will give you an opportunity to make use of your skills to help in a poor country. You can always retire to somewhere like Costa Rica when you begin to feel old.

We once spent several weeks in Costa Rica just after a major earthquake and found it a very pleasant place despite all the damage.

We also found Ecuador to be somewhat similar with even greater places to visit.

Been there !
by: Linda

My husband & I were in Costa Rice about 10 years ago. The tours were really beautiful, especially seeing the volcanos & amazing mountains. (We live in flat Florida).

If I remember correctly, we went in April & the weather could not have been any better, 60's during the day & 50's at night. On the good side ..... It was amazing to see hummingbirds flittering around, like our common black birds!

On the bad side .... Be sure NOT drink the water and/or use the ice cubes! You might end up like I did, for a few days, not leaving the hotel room!

Have a wonderful time! Linda

Not What It Used To Be?
by: Retired Traveller

I've been to Costa Rica twice in the '80's. At that time you could live pretty cheaply and have a cook and a maid for very little money. There were quite alot of Americans living there at that time.

They used to have a Jungle Train ride that was just wonderful. It is no longer operable. It would go through the villages and the children would wave from their homes. Very colorful.

If I were your ages, I would go in a heartbeat.

I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 8 years and Pago Pago, American Samoa for two. I wouldn't trade my travel experiences for anything. I do think it is not as cheap to live there anymore, but perhaps if you investigate further, you can manage. I hope you go for it.


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