Costa Rica

by Kat Sunlove, M.A.
(Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica)

My husband and I have moved to Costa Rica and love it - for many reasons!

*Stable democracy
*Friendly people
*Affordable lifestyle
*Great climate - and many micro-climates
*Incredible beauty - flora and fauna
*Fast Internet Broadband
*Large expat community

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Pura Vida!

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thanks for the comments...
by: Kat

How easy it is to make friends depends a lot on where you live. We have friends up on a Guanacaste beach area who say the gringo population is not very unified, sort in little castes, like high school. Here in Atenas the gringos are a very comfortable community with lots of parties, events, etc.

You need Spanish but many of us pick it up as we go along. And I had college Spanish... but that was long ago. I also study some online at Not perfect but pretty good - and free.

Come to visit first and see how you like it. Rent, don't buy. Take your time to decide if this is the place for you. For many of us, it is.

Costa Rica is a real posibility
by: Mary

My husband and I are not quite ready to fully retire abroad, but when we do Costa Rica is at the top of the list. We've visited different parts of that country over the last twelve years and just fell in love with it.

Many positive aspects, but the one that we haven't had any experience with is the quality of medical care. Does anyone here have some first hand experience in this area that they would be willing to share with us? Thanks.

peace ...

Retirement in Costa Rica
by: Lynn

I have been wondering what it would be like to retire to Costa Rica. Is it easy to learn Spanish? Is it easy to meet people? I'll bet there are plenty of Americans there.

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