Costly....But No Option

by Ricardo

As any one knows who frequents this web site, I will be retiring at the end of January 2013. I will be appying for medicare, purchasing a supplement, purchasing a drug program, and since my wife does not have coverage, and some on going medical issues, purchasing for her a "cobra" program until she qualifies for medicare in a few years.

The cost of just her coverage will be about nine hundred dollars a month. My cost will be about three hundred dollars a can do the math.

Do I continue working until she can apply for medicare....I don't think so....can I afford the I want to work until I drop....I don't think is about choices....not a happy camper....but we will survive.....that's life.....that's what all the people say....riding high in April.....shot down in May....


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costly no option
by: theresa

If you have Medicare and your income is below a certain number you can apply for certain programs and have it for free..try calling an insurance agent for medicare retirees..they are free to talk to and may have some answers for you..good luck!

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