Counting the Days...

by Katie in PA

After 21 years at the same company, I have 1 month to go until retiring at 62.

The first 15 years or so here were pretty good, but new management and lack of dedication in new employees has made the past few years rough.

The hardest part for me now, beside waiting to get it over with, is not letting the laziness and stupidity I see all around me bother me. I keep telling myself to let it go, that soon it won't be part of my life, but it's difficult to watch a company you helped to build go to the dogs.

Reading the other comments here helps me to know I'm not alone in this!

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To Counting your days
by: Malcolm Bounds/Huntsville AL

Think about a few things that I didn't before you retire. I had the same problem as you management changed and I felt useless.

Some things you should consider though.

1. have your power of attorney for health care completed.

2. Make out your will, you may not have anything to leave like me, but you need to have everything called out.

3. Have your last wishes typed out and notorized. If you have a 401K check to make sure the beneficiaries are up to date and it is split the way you want.

Get your phone number list ready, who does the executor need to contact, what should they be looking for and how they contact them.

You need to do the same for any IRA, Life insurance policy, etc.

Doing this after you retire is going to be difficult because most of your contact information is at work. Don't count on help from HR.

Common story
by: Anonymous

I've been reading Retirement Insider for a few years and a common experience.

The job is good for a long time. Then there's a change and it's time to retire.

Don't do it!
by: Charlie. From Ohio

You are way too young. Buckle up, make a list of what you do like, take a good vacation, determine to be a leader for others. Also make a list of what of things you will do in retirement that you cannot do now.

Good luck.

You can do this!
by: Wee-zer

My Mom and Dad had a saying, just do your time and laugh all the way to the bank!

You are basically there for the money and you only have a short time left. You can do it standing on your head!

Ignore the lazy people and if you can, make some lists of things you will do when you retire. Focus on you.

You cannot change the company or the people you work with. Ignore them.

During my hubs last 6 weeks before he retired, HR told him to use up his personal time and some other days he had. He was only working an abbreviate work schedule during that time. It snowed and he took time off. He pretty much worked about 3 days a week till he left. Maybe you can do something like that.

Good luck!

Ready to relax and breathe.
by: Sherry/ NC

Good for you; you've made up your mind to retire!
You will feel freedom and see it too when you don't go to work anymore.

I was 66 when I retired and had been working for a new manager who was 30 years old. She didn't know how to manage anyone. She micro-managed. This is what the new managers are taught now.

I got tired of watching her bully employees and reported her to the CEO and he stopped it! I was so grateful.

You are retiring at a good time in your life. Everything will be fine.

I am happy for you.

Enjoy your retirement
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida


Yes, things do change. If you still want to work after retirement, look for something else where you will feel valued.

I worked for the same employer for 28 years, in two different divisions. I could never understand why the employer would never take advantage of the myriad of skills I had to offer. I didn't care too much, I was still getting paid handsomely. And, I could get a lot of personal things done too.

I retired at 51, and never looked back.

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Hey -- You've got this!

As you know, close to retirement, this happens to many! We get disillusioned with workplace changes, tired of new know-it-all new management, and nobody cares how we did it all these years.

Whatever! You've got one month to go. You are at the finish line -- Woot!

Start dreaming on how you will spend your summer months! They are almost here!

p.s. I retired in April 2010 -- saw the flowering trees everywhere and simply couldn't work through another spring and summer missing it all!

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