COVID 19 / 2021 / Reflections 1

by matt i

Interesting to see phase 2 of COVID 19, which is the logistics of vaccine distribution to the USA and other countries.

Just a week or so the freight companies were sending messages of gridlock and surcharges on holiday gifts (is a gift a placebo vaccine ? ) Something doesn't feel right about gift frenzy during the pandemic ?

On another note I observed a young man flying a kite--yes in the winter. He had 2 strings and was zig zagging the kite back and forth trying to catch the right air current. A recent retiree nearby was flying kits each on their own string high in air and graceful. I said gosh what a great peaceful hobby !.

He said he suffered from computer neck arthritis and doctor suggested to find someway to look up and use the higher up neck muscles. Wonderfully he said it cured his pain.

Perhaps the retirees and reflectors consider looking up more frequently of being alive , sheltered and fed instead of looking down and out.

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Thank You
by: Leaking Ink

May our good Lord continue to keep me looking up with thanksgiving.

Thank you for writing this article. It is aptly written and a good reminder to all of us.

May you have a wonderful New Year ahead!

looking up
by: Anonymous

Corita Kent Quote:

"To understand is to stand under which is to look up to which is a good way to understand."

by: Cindi H, Ohio

it occurred to me that the doctor who recommended kite flying is definitely one who thinks outside the box!

I love people with creative solutions. not only did he/she recommend flying a kite to stretch neck muscles, but threw in the added benefit of lifting their spirits with something so carefree.

Could've suggested a round of physical therapy in some clinic. Instead, recommends the act of flying a kite - bringing in fresh air and a feeling of being young and happy - who wouldn't love it?

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