COVID 19 / Reflection December 2020

by matt i

First time in my lifetime I am observing the uneasiness in Americans not having an instant solution to a global life-threatening phase.

The pandemic at least in my mind was a worldwide wake-up call to reduce the speed of life and spend a little more effort in appreciating the miracle of life.

Most of the other countries never have had the prosperity and comfort that we have, because they live day to day trying to survive.

I can determine the effect by how Americans drive their cars---speeding, weaving in and out of lanes, and not using turn signals, and have returned to those behaviors again.

For both retired and soon to be in that category I read an interesting comment--our ancestors derived less from life than we do--but they also expected much less and were less intent on controlling the future.

We appear to be from the generations who believe lasting happiness was promised to us at birth-- Promised ? By whom ?

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Life in the Pandemic
by: Canadian Retiree

For my husband and I other than taking the precautions to avoid getting COVID our lives are pretty much the same - low key.

My husband loves to stay home and do his genealogy research, listen to music, read books, watch movies and generally avoid the public. Since he retired, he has not missed his job and enjoys his life at home.

I am a little more active than him, but for the most part my life has not changed much either. I take water colour painting and exercise at home. I go for walks in the local parks and neighbourhood sometimes with a friend.

Neither of us goes out much anymore, we used to go to concerts but of course that is on hold for now. We have no kids or grandkids and not much family in our area so we don't have much company.

It's not been a huge adjustment except for the mask wearing of course.

We lead a very quiet life and will continue to even when the restrictions are over.

Covid19/ Reflection
by: Jeanne , Maine

Makes me think of the Phrase "God never promised us a Rose Garden".

I say that to myself often.

And when I'm feeling down and alone, I make it a point to thank God for all the Blessings that I do have. And that makes me realise how Blessed I am. 🙏

Lots of good ideas to ponder
by: Nancy

I have had the thought, where will this all end? Will we still be in this pandemic a year from now?

A lot of people, even staff in businesses refuse to wear masks even though our state has a mask mandate.

I can't control the pandemic or how it will all end. I can do my part, however. I, too, only go to the grocery store and Dollar General. We watch church online. I wear a mask everywhere I go outside the house, and I use lots of hand sanitizer. I social distance in the grocery store.

Good idea to slow down: "The pandemic at least in my mind was a worldwide wake-up call to reduce the speed of life and spend a little more effort in appreciating the miracle of life. "

I, too have appreciated time to devote to my hobbies, and am so grateful I have fulfilling hobbies including quilting, dog walking, playing the piano and reading.

Some Americans are like little kids who rebel against Mom and Dad
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

So many deaths could have been avoided. So many could have avoided getting sick.

With the pandemic, I have observed that as usual, Americans don't like being told what to do. Some many are acting like children who rebel against Mom and Dad.

Growing up, I often heard Mom say "don't forget to wear your boots." I would reply, "I don't need boots." Mom would say, "yes, you do." And, I would put them on.

As you grow and mature, you become old enough to know when you need to wear your boots. It's the same with wearing masks. Too many Americans said "I don't need to wear a mask" or "I don't want to be told not to see my family." Unfortunately, those people still need their Moms and Dads to tell them that they are old enough to know better.

I am 55. I only leave the house to ride my bike, go to the grocery store, or take my husband to medical appointments. I always wear a mask if I will need to be near other people.

My only hope is that the vaccine comes to all of us soon enough, and that it is effective. I learned growing up that no matter what happens, you just deal with it in the best way that you can, and keep moving forward.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance physically. Don't forget to wear your boots - or in my case - flip-flops!

COVID Reflections
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

I agree too that the pandemic has resulted in my redefining my priorities. I have spent time connecting with family and friends and learning more about myself. I also want to reach out to others to help them feel less isolated. We really are all connected even if we don't realize or accept it. This is the most important lesson.

Pandemic: lots of negatives but a few bonus points too!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

THIS is so good:

The pandemic at least in my mind was a worldwide wake-up call to reduce the speed of life and spend a little more effort in appreciating the miracle of life.

I agree. The pandemic brought about lots of contemplation about life itself... at least, for me it did. I have considered what I want out of my retired years, and have slowed down a bit this year too. I read more. I take my time visiting moms and chat more.

I don't mean I will slow down permanently. I'm not ready for that -- but 2020 has brought about serious consideration of what I want in the next few years.

I hope many of you have also taken this bonus time in life to consider your own life. We have many options, many possibilities, if only we take the time and effort to do something new!

Thanks Matt-- missed you!

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