Covid 19 & Retirement / Reflection

by matt i

Anyone read WSJ article today July 29 2020 ? Seems interesting if the article is in fact true.

The country of Sweden didn't lock down like most countries. Most of the patients with Covid 19 were over 80 ( gives us about 10 years average is only 8 ) to enjoy this special time.

Meanwhile, 97 % of Covid 19 patients received no treatment linked to a socialist medical policy--. I guess this supports the USA in being the land of milk & honey / machines do the work now of course.

Man, being an American you can have anything you wish but can't you buy time on credit especially when the card is for daily use only.

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The Covid Mess
by: Anonymous

Several countries, including Sweden, have decided - and wisely, I may add - that wearing a mask is unnecessary. They also have not taken the opportunity to crush their countries economy by locking down everything and forcing businesses to close.

The USA response was - and is - completely and totally political and it's been - and is - a disaster. This Covid Virus has a survival rate of over 99%. This is better than some bad flu seasons.

The people who should have been protected were - and are - the elderly, especially those with compromised immune systems.

Other than that, should have been like any bad flu season with, hopefully, common sense getting you through it. Never thought I'd live to see America using such drastically bad sense in dealing with a germ. People have been manipulated and used. And many, so many, simply do not understand that.

Wendy: I totally disagree. I find it so odd that people fight a simple mask if it makes them safer to others. Why Not? Just a different perspective from yours, that's all.

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