by Jeanne

I was sick last month. The week I was sick, I tested negative for Covid.

Exactly a week later , I felt normal again, and took the test and it came out positive!

So much for testing!

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Covid test reliability
by: Tom

Greetings. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Covid testing results but remember that you could actually have the virus and show absolutely no symptoms. This is called being asymptomatic.

The Covid quick home test is not 100% infallible. A poor, improper or contaminated sample could lead to a negative test. I would suggest you do two tests back to back just to confirm the initial test results.

Always read and adhere to ALL the instructions to make sure your mucous sample is good and reliable.

For the ultimate reliability you could go to a clinic and get tested in a lab (just so you know- in Canada you would have to pay out of pocket to pay for a lab Covid test).

Best of luck and stay safe. Tom

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

The same thing happened here...

I was sick Saturday and Sunday, tested negative 3 times, then I was fine. I went to moms Assisted Living on Monday night, Halloween, as my sister was busy with her grands.

Tuesday morning, yesterday, I was ready to resume my Mom duties and I read your post here. I decided to retest before I left the house...


I was negative 3 times when I was sick.
Now I feel perfectly fine and I'm positive!

How odd is that?

Bottom Line: Thank you Jeanne for taking the time to write. I might not have rested again, after three negatives, without your story! Yikes!

I certainly can't go to moms place even if I feel well, while I am positive. No Way!

Staying home to conquer this thing called COVID!

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