Creative Retirees Unite!

by Wendy

I feel I need to add more creativity to my life. I need more whimsy, more dreams, more playfulness!

I myself work too much. I am guilty of writing and editing (and thus getting little done). I need more play. I am constantly in information overload mode. I need to JUST DO IT, as Nike says!

Then, I happened across this on a blog and they allow it to be used on other sites, so here it is.

I hope it helps creative retirees connect with their creative sides again... its important to live creatively, keeping the brain moving!!

Creative Retirees Unite!

Please share below what you do creatively! Please tell whether you are involved in creative pursuits now -- or feeling a bit stifled like me! Let's Chat and figure this out together!! Thanks!

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
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Comments for Creative Retirees Unite!

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by: Loyce!, Auburn, CA

I like to produce and direct so I have founded book, ukulele, alternative health, and community groups. I like to lead and as a founder, I am satisfied to manage the groups and have been very successful with my ukulele groups. I also like to acquire new friends and move on when I incur negativity. If you like to follow, join but if you like to lead, originate your own group and drive the bus and attract positives.

Playing with art instead of working hard at writing...
by: Youdiane Hebrew home nursing home r Name/Location

Lately, I've been finding writing (my skill) an effort. In my nursing home I'm taking an art class. I can't paint pictures, but love color and collages.

I like certain subjects, like vintage Victorian women with cats, cats in general, flowers, humorous posters, advertising posers, anything that catches my eye.

I keep getting ideas and finding magazines and calendars with beautiful pictures, and get crazy with the computer printing out pictures. I love to decorate and collect also, and have made a hobby out of buying cheap from catalogs.

I can help you with that as I've researched them and have a list of many that I've ordered from.

Support Retirees
by: BOKKO, Ibrahim

I feel part of the creativity. Retirees are people of experience from their separate fields of profession. they need courage to take for themselves the ability to do one thing or the other. They need to know that they have worthy body of knowledge. They should appreciate what they have from their experience as a knowledge the younger one need to have. They should not hesitate to put down what they have on paper for others to pick from.

I will soon join you count me one.

Creative Critters Club
by: Joe W.


I would like to join your CRU Club. I find that many retirees are not inclined or motivated to try out some productive longevity. My wish is to see more retirees giving back to Society. My social mission is to help eradicate Seniors Poverty around the World. My business mission is to help Seniors(50 Plus) become business or social Entrepreneurs through Lifelong Learning.

If each one of us just found one project each to work on eg. Write a Book, the World would be a better place because of your creative effort. Let's get more retired Seniors to help other Seniors and collaborate with other generations, to learn all we can about new technology and it's practical applications for everyone.

For all the retired engineers, teachers,etc. in our group the World is looking for more new ideas, especially from engineers who are very experienced in the area of design work and practical product applications.

Count me in, Wendy.

Joe W.

Wendy: I agree, Joe! Seniors have a great opportunity to use their life-long knowledge to better others. I love being and online entrepreneur... love it! Fun Fun, Creativity galore!

Creative Writing Endeavors, you can contribute...
by: Anonymous

I love what is being said.

Creativity is almost a life-force! To live without it is to sleep through a vital part of life.

I would love to have someone with whom to communicate. I love expressing myself through the written word, especially when I am writing to someone. If anyone is up for a penpal, please drop a line to my email address. I promise to write back.

A bit about myself: I am 56, a single woman after 28 years of marriage and have two adult children who are very independent. Three four-leggeds have consented to share my house with me. I am Cherokee by blood, though was raised in the Caucasion life-style.

My email address:
susanni7 at

Have a blessed day.

Limitations, limitations
by: Ricardo

We often times in life create our own barriers, limitations, short comings, guilt feeling, what have you.

We have ALL been blessed with some abilities in this life, each and every one of us has something to contribute to God's good earth.

We may in fact recognize these abilities and put them to a positive use in our lives, or we may not recognize them until it is to late in our lives, or we may in fact never realize that we have anything productive to add to society.

We create our own limitations, and in fact often times our responses to any given situation in life, and how we handle that response, is more important than the problem itself!

We often find tremendous courage and faith when challenged by something that we find overwhelming at the time....but we somehow manage to get thru it wiser, and stronger, and surprised that we were able to come thru it at all.....I would say this is growth experience, and success builds upon success and confidence. These exposures have to build a better person able to cope with most things that life may toss at us!

Wendy: Great Post! I so agree... we all carry baggage, sometimes lifelong, and don't even use the gifts we've been given.

I soooo want to change this!

Thanks Ricardo.. fantastic thoughts!!

Never too late
by: Anonymous

A great idea Wendy, having a section for Creative Retirees.

I had not done anything creative for years, working full time, and no spare minutes in the day.

After being retired for over a year, I was sitting at an Art class waiting for a friend, whom I had driven to the venue. The teacher insisted that I do something, putting a piece of paper and brushes in front of me.

Never having been able to draw even a stick man, I still gave it a try, and now, very surprised at what I have painted thus far. I wish I had started learning earlier, because there is so much to take in.

From now on, my motto is 'Have a go'.

Wendy: WOW.. That's what I love to hear!

Painting scares me, but I love doodling with colored pencils. They are a cross between crayons and pencils, so they can blend really easily to create cool effects. Love em!

by: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

I was annointed with eternal youth at the Woodstock Concert in 1969. Were you there?

I just turned 63 this pass June 2.
You see it's still working(LOL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
57!, you're nothing but a kid!!!!!!!

In my world of growing old,

ARTHUR C. FORD,SR.,POET/EDITOR; on guidelines)

love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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