Cross Road; Turn Left From Divorce To Adventure!

by Kathryn
(Hollis, AK, USA)

I needed a Big change and Alaska was it!

Divorcing after 33 yrs.

A chain of events led me to where I am now and even though the road was not smooth, it was full of lessons and I guess, my mind anyway.

I am going to be 71 this year, so I figure my age goal of 102 is not out of the question; well there are more bumps to navigate but I still think of it as an adventure and challenge, sooooooo.....

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by: Kathryn

I was 55 when I relocated to AK. Many seniors work here, like anywhere else. I lived in Ketchikan at the time and I was employed as a caregiver; yep, for seniors, disabled and developmentally challenged clients.

Where I am now is a whole lot less busy. Many, even if retired, volunteer to help in their community and there are some jobs. One IS working for a caregiving agency.

One just has to research, I suppose for the best area. Anchorage is the largest city and much like any other down south; with conveniences and.....crime. Smaller communities that are spread out on different islands, all have their own way of doing things. Even here, on P.O.W island, which is mostly rural find ways to shop (Amazon etc ), go to medical appts. (by ferry or float plane...or Alaskan Airlines), to places in the lower 48.

So much to explain and it took me a couple of years to adjust to a different existence, which I love now.

Alaska or Bust
by: Joe W.

The Alaska move must of been quite the adventure. Have you had enough time to find out what seniors 50+ do in Alaska?

I have visited the Yukon and I'm imagining that Alaska is similar in many ways to the Yukon. Also, are there any Seniors 50+ that are running their own small business in Alaska OR do they spend most of their time in senior centers or pursuing mostly leisure activities?

Enjoy the great wilderness in Alaska and I hope that the bears around there don't get too close to where you live. Happy Summer!

Joe W.

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