by Sharyn Anderson

Since my retirement, l have tried a few different part-time jobs eg. community nursing, because that was my career for 25 years. However, l found this stressful, not the work l did but the travelling time from 1 client to the next client!

2 hours here & 2 hours there, so l stopped that and then was a nanny for 2 young girls after school every day. That was ok but the older child (9) was hard to get on with, she wanted to be the boss, would not let me do my job! At the end of the school year that was it for me.

So recently l applied for a position as a crossing guard for school children going to and from school, 2 hrs. a day, 40 hours a month, can pay for my car, insurance, gas money.

l'm so happy, get up every morning same time ~ something to do ~ it is great ~ cause before l would get up when l did with nothing going on ~ ask myself " what should l do today?" Now l won't be doing that anymore!

Hopefully this job will work, l can't see any reason why it shouldn't. Wish me luck ~~ l am 65 and just can't afford to retire & l still have a lot of energy and l enjoy children as long as they no the meaning of the word respect.

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by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Thank u all for these positive comments. However, l won't be able to continue on working because the money l will be earning will mean l must pay more rent $150.00 a month more & l will lose my Canadian GIS which is $280.00 monthly. l would be earning $500.00 gross while working however, with deductions that would be less. So if one does the math, l would not be making any extra money.
430$ is the amount of money l will lose if l go back to work!

So unless l go back to full-time work & l don't want to work full-time at this point in my life, l guess l must sell my car and do more volunteer work, that is always rewarding~~

If l were to work for cash and the corporation of the city of ?????? were to find out~~ and they will eventually, l will have to pay back & possibly lose my apt. as well.

There r always people in a seniors' complex who for 1 reason or another get in everyone elses' business & TELL!

Crossing Guard
by: Jeannette

Hi Sharon,

Glad you found something that works for you in retirement. I just retired from 30 years in nursing! My big retirement day was just this past Friday - August 16th. I wonder if I will always remember that date?

I have no plans except some of the usual daily expectations like walking our yellow lab, Buddy Boy. The walk takes and hour and can be once or twice a day. Other than that I plan to visit my 86 years old Mother and go to Hawaii once or twice a year with my Husband. I might do some contract work in nursing later on after a few months of retirement bliss.

Other than that, I am quite content! Oh, your post reminded me that I have offered to babysit for two of my friends once in a while and only for short periods of time. We never had kids so I have no idea what that might be like. Wish me well.

I do hope to connect with you as we both had the nursing careers.

Best of Luck
by: James

I wish you the best of luck!

Do Only What You Love.
by: Joe W.


One of the great things about the Retirement Age is the fact that you don't need to get stuck with a job you don't like or it's a job that is not a good fit for you. Your free to do some self-discovery to determine your own retirement choices.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

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