Daily Anxiety and listlessness what a SUPRISE to me !

by Ginnie

I have read many of the stories here... and noted a couple of "nail on the Head" moments.

First off let me say i retired a little over 3 months ago at the beginning of August. The anxiety and depression (?) or lack of interest didn't hit me right away because i had a great British Isles Cruise planned for the next month. The trip, although exhausting, was a delight and i had a great time with my best friend.

Then a girls getaway weekend planned in the mountains for the next month. ok, then nothing for weeks, i am going to Sedona on thursday for a week and so am starting to feel that "get up and go" again.

So i know i have to have some kind of adventure planned or I'm just going to grow into my couch.

The things that hit me that people have pointed out are:

1. Did you really like your job ? No, well sometimes,, when i had something interesting to work on,, but i had recently gotten a new boss that was a micro manager and drove everyone crazy.

2. The commute was not good, an hour each way, so do i miss fighting traffic, NO.

3. I do have good friends there, and still have lunch with them once a week, we are even planning a Vegas dinner at E by Jose Andres,, quite a splurge, so theres something to look forward to.

4. YES YES YES. i find myself not wanting to do anything and feel frozen because i don't want to spend any money, there are expenses this last month especially that are making me feel that way ( ie. property taxes, property insurance, carpet cleaning, medical bills, dental bills), so part of me has just been sitting, even though i feel i prepared pretty well financially for retirement im freaking out and don't even want to go to home depot and spend 30$ on a rake, i have to get over that.

about me : I'm 62 female, i retired by choice, i have 2 replaced hips, and fibromyalgia, so i have some physical struggles.
My mother passed away 4 years ago in september, my husband followed 4 months later, my dad 1 1/2 years after that. WHAMMY, yah, but now im feeling lost like i did right after they all passed away, i guess this is a stage of loss and now i need to be kind to myself and get found.

i feel much better when i accomplish a project around my house, big or small, and last night went for a 2 mile walk with a friend which helped tremendously, i know exercise helps me feel much better, so my next goal is after this trip to stick to a weekly workout/walking schedule to keep my body and by extension mind feeling better

Good luck to us all !

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I have been where you are
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, TexasYour

I have been where you are now. Retired with two hip implants, all I took care of gone, nothing but me to worry about.

If I did not have someone to take care of or worry about I dreamed it up. I started sharing my experiences and it made a difference.

I have published several blogs here and on Wendy's other web site. I find it very satisfying and enlightening. The key is to not stop thinking. Give your brain as much stimulation as you do your other muscles.

My retirement story, Taking the Tired out of Retired gives you a glimpse into what can happen if you allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole and lose an incentive to get up, get out of bed, and do something. When you are tired of working on you... do it for someone else.

Surprise you get a reward for that one too.

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope to read more from you.

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