Daily Routine

by Irwin Lengel

Just had a funny thought. Hadn't planned on posting this little poem but seeing that I was cleaning out some of the paperwork we dragged with us from the old house, and came across it I thought I would share it with everyone. If you will notice, back then I dabbled in poetry writing.

While I know we are retired now, for those of us that thrive on "routine" this poem is sort of a reminder that we can follow something similar even now that we are retired as well. Hope you enjoy.


Get up in the morning, put your feet on the floor

Then it's off to the shower, a fast bite, and on out the door

The snowbirds are here and school is in session

So watch for the children and traffic gets your attention

At the office we decide what it is that we must do first

Go to the bathroom, get coffee, or some water to quench our thirst

As usual there is a meeting to start promptly at nine

In they come, slow but sure and yes it never starts on time

A few hours later, tired from doing the usual numbers type crunch

You head for the breakroom to eat your great lunch

The afternoon we are hoping will be progressively better

Until the mail boy hands you a special delivery type letter

As you open it your thoughts wander as to what news this might bring

But before you can read it your phone starts to ring

It's your boss reminding you there's another meeting at three

He knows you are busy but expects you to be free

Soon the day is over and as you leave it begins to rain

Driving home you think to yourself...

Gee tomorrow I get to do this all over again!

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Life in April
by: Nina from London

Got up, went downstairs to feed my cat.
Then quickly fed the neighbor's cat

Drank a cup of coffee started the day.
Startled by snow falling
"Will it stay?"

Quick breakfast, upstairs to shower
Brush teeth, get dressed, water flower.
April during Covid just another hour

Checked schedule/ two meetings on Zoom
Began to sweep the room with a broom.

Wendy: Good one Nina! :)

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