Daily Tasks in Retirement

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

In a Facebook Group, someone wrote about having a chore or project that had to be squeezed into your day, before retirement, and now takes all day to do AND is the main event of my day.

AND I LAUGHED as this is TOO TRUE! 🙂

Yeah, isn't that weird? 🙂

I used to grocery shop after work -- bring new groceries home, unpack, put them away, eat dinner, do dishes, all after a full day of employment.

===> Fast forward to retirement:

What did you do today?

I grocery shopped! (and I said that proudly)

Too funny!

This is my Big Event of the day!

So what now takes YOU all day to do -- OR -- is the main event of your day... (Something that you did before or after work before)?

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Daily tasks
by: Wee-zer

When I used to work, I was always trying to get things done and talk about multi tasking.

My Hub would leave for work around 5:15 am. I would sometimes put together a slow cooker dinner. Chop up veggies for it, put in the meat, sauce...whatever else went into the pot.

I would try to do a load of wash, make the bed, shower, wash my hair and blow it dry. Sometimes, my dogs needed to go to the groomer and I would load them in the car at 6:45 am drive 7 miles in the opposite direction to drop off the dogs then turn around and drive back over the same road and go to my job by 7:30 am.

By the time I got to work, it was almost like I could relax!

On other days I might shop after work and drag it all home, cook dinner or the Hub may have started something. Put the junk away eat dinner, watch some tv then bed!

Now, if I have to go out before 10 am it is like a catastrophe! I seem to rush around like a maniac for no particular reason! I try to never make appointments till earliest 10 am.

We had a oil burner service person appointment with a window of 8 am till noon. It was just horrible. We had to get up in the middle of the night, 6 am, to prepare ourselves for the visit! LOL! Had to have coffee, read the paper and eat breakfast in those two hours! Oh my, how uncivil! The person came at 9 am.

I never seem to get anything done at home either. Too much procrastination going on.

I have two elderly dogs with health problems so they take up a lot of my time. Tons of pills twice a day, special foods...

Daily Tasks In Retirement
by: Anonymous

I worked 42+ years sitting at a desk/cubicle before retiring. During that time it was rushing after work and on weekends to get all the other 'life' things done, and finding myself exhausted at the end of the day.

Retirement can be a time of adjustment to know you now have time to start working on that 'someday' list of projects, hobbies, goals, and to find a way to manage your time in getting it all done.

To linger at my cup of morning coffee, or be able to make my daily walk a little longer.

To take better notes while reading to allow extra time so I can absorb more of what I'm reading.

To take one item on my To Do list, and focus on it until I get it done, not having to multi-task.

It takes a person time to realize this; perhaps its' not doing just one thing, but doing less better.

My House Now Keeps Me Busy
by: Canadian Retiree

Reading these comments made me LOL.

It's true my house now is my "full-time job". For years I ran out the door to my job and returned too exhausted to really notice how neglected my house was.

I didn't really notice until I was retired how much clutter there was and how much updating our house needs. How sad is that!

As much as I complain about being retired and lonely and miss my job, I'm glad I can find things around my home to do. It could always be worse.

I'm counting my blessings.

8AM is "early"
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida

Last week, I had to meet the tree trimmer at 8:30 A.M. I had to get up "in the middle of the night" (7AM) so that I would still have time for breakfast and morning tea. I used to be at work by 8AM, but now waking up before 8AM is "early."

Wendy: So True!

Daily Tasks in Retirement
by: Lindy Texas

Haha! SO true! Vaccum and dust and mop one room at a time! Then I have another room for another day!

It really is funny pathetic!

With Temps outside reaching 100+ inside is all good!

BTW today was international clean the toilets day! Trying to find something else engaging to do too!

Used to be run ragged trying to keep things up ....currently NOT a problem!!

Wendy: Agree. Funny, yes! Pathetic? Might have to agree there too. Oh well, we are aging... it is what it is!

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