Dating Site Smiles and Frowns!

by Sharol

I wanted to find someone to go places with be friends. I researched on line dating as the immediate pool of men around me is 0 ha, ha!

Anyway on a free weekend, I filled out the profile for not one but 4 sites BIG MISTAKE! The next day 100 hits or more on each site. Free what a joke the only thing free is your profile and photo going up on their site.

Anyway cutting the long story short I joined a site where I had 200 hits, that means 'winks and or interested'.

I was so excited I was like a kid in a candy shop. However it was a shock and I learned over the first two weeks that I had been duped. You would think at my age I would know better ha, ha!

I did meet some nice men 15 coffee dates and two dinner outings~ that's out of 220 who contracted me. Too funny!

The truth is I was scammed shame on me, lied to shame on them, propositioned really no comment, and dropped out without even one lasting friendship.

My hind site learning is to check the compliments on the site before joining. Oh yeah they are scamming others using my profile and there is nothing I can do about it. I now laugh about my experiences but at the time it wasn't so funny.

However I remain a romantic and am waiting for my special someone to parachute down into my pool. Ha, ha!

My advice don't join a dating site - go to your local senior center, at least that's free!

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No friends for me - oh no!
by: Anonymous

I have never joined a dating site for two main reasons: 1) there are too many verifiable tales of scams and even some murders as a result of joining dating sites, and 2) I am not in the market for a marriage partner and don't want to inadvertently lead someone on.

However, I find myself very lonely after moving "back home" after being out of state for over 30 years. Yes, I know people, but they already have their circle of friends and their routines into which I clearly do not fit. So although I meet with two different HS reunion groups twice a month, I have no one with whom to talk or do activities.

One of my former colleagues suggested that I try one of the online sites for platonic friends where you can "try before you buy" sort of thing without giving any personal info such as phone or email. So I went through the little questionnaire about age range, interests, etc. I hit search and the message that came back simply said, in big red letters: Sorry, no friends for you.

After I got done laughing, I went right back to trying to figure out how to meet new friends. I do most of the usual things people are advised to do, but have not met any friends yet. I will not give up hope, but it is very sad, sometimes.

I love living alone (after too many years in a horrible marriage - not abusive - just one in which I was lonelier than I am by being alone all the time), but it would be nice to have a friend or two with whom to chat and share adventures.

Wendy: Join the Retirement Community. Yes, these are online friendships but you might find someone who you really click with and meet or whatever!

by: Craig

15 coffee dates and 2 dinners. You hit the jackpot!

These dating sites, particularly those that cater to seniors, are a farce -- often a rip-off farce.

A lady, a member of the support group that I attend, reported her frustration and anger by stating that she could have had better quality dates and/or inquiries by going to a shopping mall and hitting up men who happened to be walking around.

If I was to look for female companionship, I would go to places where you might bump into a lady of similar vintage, e.g. symphony halls, retro dance clubs, wine-tasting festivals and the like.

Chances are, in your situation, there would be some nice guys that you could chat up in a controlled environment.

As the French say, "Bonne Chance".

Dating sites and friendship
by: Nina from London

Funny to read your comments about dating sites! It is just one way to meet people. What I found was that it takes so much time to sift the good ones from the bad. Just happy to pursue my interests plus I joined University of the Third Age in England (U3A group in my area) which has some lovely people.

They have socials as well as lectures and very good classes. Hope you find that special someone because we all love a romantic!

Best Wishes, Nina

Online dating pitfalls.
by: Susan Whittenham - Portsmouth, England.

Online dating isn't as easy or as successful as the sites try to convince you. For instance, whilst it may be free to sign up to such a site, to read any messages sent to you, you have to pay a subscription which they don't tell you the amount of in advance.

I joined an online dating site for the over-50's a few months back and specified quite clearly that I don't want to be contacted by anyone who smokes, lives too far away from me, or who is desperate for a wife (whilst not being into one-night stands either). And what sorts of replies did I get - smokers from the other end of the country who give the impression of being sad, lonely and desperate for a WIFE.

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