Day three!

by Lindy

Have been an RN in nursing since 1971. Last 18 years as a university student health center care coordinator, which had become my identity until it was obvious all nurses were ultimately being forced out.

Good to know there IS more to life and that this is a season. Was fortunate enough to jump on to social security and Medicare.

Am so very tired. But not depressed. Plan to take some time to circle the wagons and regroup and breathe!

When do nurses ever do that!

Have many things I can do and no hurry needed! Taking time to enjoy the 2nd cup of coffee and small joy's I've missed along the way!

If it was meant for harm it is nothing but good! I know I am much more than just one part. And it's all good!
Who knew that being outside and raking leaves could be so awesome!

Being an overcomer is a choice! And the choice is mine!!!

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Still tickled pink!
by: Lindy texas

Donna so true! How awesome to just be aware and take in it all!

Was wondering how anyone could be so happy just driving home from the grocery store! Day to day at fast pace and responsibly and stress how great to be able to unwind and even think about pursuing new things. Have no idea what that means but why not? If anyone has any ideas they've especially enjoyed let me know!

We've started rowing an' erg'at a Row House and find it fun and great exersize with a great group of folks.

Nurses ARE a rare breed! That's why we care and share. Time now to rebuild strength and stamina for the years to come as I've been told aging is not for sissys!

Life's an adventure! Keeping it real!


Nice retirement
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

Welcome to this new world! I was an RN for 37 years. Graduated in 1978.. Been retired 4 years. We are a special breed. We never take care of our own needs. Take one day at a time.

I started an alumni facebook page right away. I am so happy I did that. Still talk with and meet people for lunches through this page. I get to see new grandkids, people that pass on that I wouldn't have known about. The group is 800 now and growing.

Good luck to you! Take care of yourself now

I agree
by: Larry Steward / SC

I agree with Wendy... having such a positive attitude is the way to approach this new chapter of your life. Keep moving forward and make it happen your way to enjoy your new life as best as possible.

Welcome Overcomer!
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Love your attitude -- you will rock this thing called retirement!

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