December 2021 Reflection

by matt i

So very odd time in America, 100 years ago in seed time time (childhood) learn--in harvest teach (adulthood) in winter enjoy (retirement-hood)--in modern era -- seems some retirees struggle with loneliness, spouse mold, money, having every minute filled to the brim--because they have become like squirrels in the back yard--frolicking, having fun - around looking all season for more nuts to bury---only to find out that you will forget where you buried them.

Baby Boomers and older we are not rechargeable lithium batteries -- we only have the technology for triple aaa --double aa- C and D --use wisely and enjoy this miracle of life .

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No expiration date
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

I am a Gen-X, born in 1965. There are plenty of baby-boomers and older (including my own Dad at 86) who have lithium battery + energy.

Fortunately, we humans are not born with an expiration or "use by" date.

Unfortunately, some people stop living before they're dead.

As Bette Midler said to Barbara Hershey (who was dying from a terminal illness) in the movie Beaches, "you're not dead yet. Stop living as if you are."

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