Deciding whether to retire??

by Alice

I'm currently out on disability for a broken foot. I am also in need of back surgery. I'm 64. Financially I need to work but, emotionally and physically my body is tired
I'm having a VERY difficult time making the decision to let my job go. I've been off for 8 weeks and I know my job will I longer hold my job
Any advise from anyone that's possibly travelled this path?
Thanks !

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Don't retire is my opinion
by: Carol from West Chester

Get whatever health benefits you can and get yourself healthy before you make the retirement decision.

The year before I retired I went down to 4 days a week and retained full benefits. I worked for a large university. Monday was the day I chose to have off, giving me a long weekend, a preview of retirement.

Friday was a slow day in the library so it was good to work then. I would have liked to worked for two more years for financial reasons but like many pre-retirees I just couldn't take it any longer.

Five years into retirement, basically living on SS, I am living very close as last year unexpected dental expenses took a lot of my meager savings. $5K. for a cavity under a bridge. This involved a new bridge, and a root canal after trying to do just the cavity. Yes, I had to pay the dentist for the filled cavity even though I had a root canal days later.

Before making the decision to retire I suggest trying to live on half of your income or what you will have in $$ when retired. Try it for a year, the cost of food, health insurance, gas for the car, etc. goes up and up and our income stays the same. I did this for two years and some months I was not able to live on half of my income.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

Elna Nugent's comment was right on target
by: Quinn Rogers

I enjoyed reading Elna Nugent's comment - she is a very wise soul. The only thing I would add would be that we must all listen to our hearts, our bodies, and our soul. They each one speak to us.

The problem is...sometimes they whisper and you have to listen carefully. One, or all three of those will tell you when it's time to give up the ghost and retire.

It's a tough decision but when the body begins to wear out, we learn ways to be frugal and conservative to make ends meet.

Traveled that path
by: Nancy

The year before my retirement was very hard. I knew I wanted to retire, but it was still hard. My husband had been retired for quite some time, and I wanted to spend time with him. The thing that helped me the most was talking to people who had been through the same thing. You will find those people here on these pages

Me too - though not the same
by: Rox/BHC AZ.

I had to retire, in 2010, when my head and body could just not keep up anymore. I've been through a BUNCH of emotional, mental and physical hardiness in my life (no kids and I'm 65 now) and I love fighting being tired of trying.

At least, I say to myself, I waited til I just couldn't anymore. It helps now when others get the heebie jeebies and I can turn to anything and /or something. But it's my own. And that takes care of itself. :)

You have a great whatever and take care not to be afraid. Nothing to fear but fear itself. L8R :)

For Heaven's sake, don't quit yet, Alice!
by: Anonymous

Retire only when you are in good shape! Take advantage of the sick leave/ disability leave and take as much time as you need to make yourself better. You work hard all your life, you've earned those sick benefits!

Let the company insurance pay for your sick leave and expenses incurred! Once you are 100% or close to it and it's time for the social secruity to kick in, then you retire!

Don't feel guilty about taking time off! You work for it, let them pay for your sick leave!

Meanwhile, be positive and get well...then to enjoy your retirement life later on when you will be in much better shape, physically and mentally!!!

Priorities Count
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Alice, You and your physical health and mobility are your number one priority right now. And while you still have your job-- taking care of your back should probably be next.

Then and only then will you feel ready and willing to let go of that job because you will feel much more confident and happier once you gain back your physical strength.

You take first place as a priority right now. The job comes second if it matters at all.

Love and Blessings. Your body needs you and vice versa..

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