Define Retirement

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

A Facebook group was asked to define Retirement in a few words.

As you browse the list, you will see many retirement definitions that you will agree with -- and others that you do not. That's clearly because we are all living different retirements - free to do what we choose to do and when we choose to do it.

I am posting this because if you are UNhappy about retirement, maybe you haven't quite considered all the freedoms you DO have.

Contemplate your retired life and be full of Gratitude every single day for all the little things you now have.

You are so blessed -- whether you acknowledge that or not.

Life is a choice. Happiness is a choice too.

Retirement Defined:

  • Freedom to choose
  • No time schedule
  • Not submitting leave slip for approval!
  • Freedom
  • Grandkids
  • No time schedule
  • Not setting an alarm
  • No jerk boss.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Every day is a Saturday.
  • Health and happiness
  • Health and freedom
  • Debt free
  • Relaxing
  • Living life under your terms
  • No Stress
  • Totally chill
  • Healthy Happiness
  • Stress free! 24 hours a day that I get to decide how they are used.
  • Engaging days of puttering about interspersed with tons of foreign and domestic travel (well, you know, the latter not during the pandemic)
  • A good retirement is one with no regrets.
  • Worry free
  • love is
  • Healthy and happy... and minutes from the beach!
  • No alarm clock, no rushing in the morning!!!!!!
  • Six Saturdays and a Sunday!
  • Freedom Peace
  • Ebikes, Boat in the Harbor, gardening, cooking, never go anywhere on the weekend.
  • Using your own pot during the day!
  • Worry free & travel
  • Learning growing
  • No boss ....
  • Peace & tranquility
  • Well-planned and fulfilling
  • purpose and fulfillment
  • Eating cake for breakfast.
  • Appreciate
  • Well planned has led to: No Regrets
  • Meaningful life, financially stable.
  • You're retired! (I'm 59 and not yet)
  • Freedom, prosperity.
  • Inner peace, joy
  • Do nothing all day or work my 6 off all day.....or anywhere in between. MY CHOICE!
  • Family, Travel, Happiness, Freedom
  • Decomposition
  • Independence
  • Healthy, wealthy and well traveled
  • Living Large!
  • Be your own boss!
  • Everyday is a leisure day
  • I have time.....
  • Not setting an alarm clock is great. Staying up later and sleeping in.
  • No bosses, No commitment
  • Travel Memories
  • Roll over and go to sleep
  • Peace and quiet
  • No rush in doing anything!
  • Sedate, beautiful, low key, healthy, engaged
  • Peaceful
  • Less stress
  • Not getting up at 5:00am every week day!
  • No schedule except the one I create
  • Pajamas and no pressure.
  • Never having to leave your dog!
  • Bliss!
  • Walk out the door to the beach
  • Healthy!
  • Coffee in my bathrobe..on the front porch looking at the mountains
  • Time to do things and not have to worry about having to go to work
  • Freedom to be!
  • Freedom of time
  • Keep making a difference
  • Every day is a Saturday
  • Freedom, time and no stress
  • Time to do what's important!
  • Relax, relax, relax
  • More time with family and friends and doing what I enjoy.
  • Cold beer!
  • Healthy and stressfree!
  • My time
  • You are your own boss.
  • Travel and no worries.
  • No more alarm clocks, so you can set your own wake up time!
  • Take a nap
  • Butt on beach!!
  • Whatever you like!
  • Low stress..

    Got more ways to define Retirement? Add them below! I'd love to see what YOU have to say!

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    Retirement is Like Landing a Quad
    by: Canadian Retiree

    Yes I’m using a figure skating jump as my example. A quad is the most difficult jump for a figure skater to land but once they achieve it everything else becomes easier.

    For me retiring means:

    No long commutes
    No stomach ache in the morning worrying about deadlines
    at work or balancing my cash register
    No back issues or sciatica from lifting heavy text books
    No trying to please too many bosses and having to fill out
    employee evaluations
    No jumping through hoops to get appreciated

    Retirement freedom
    by: Anonymous

    - No incompetent ladder climbing Bosses to deal with.
    - Staying up late because no alarms are set!
    - Doing whatever I want to do, when I
    - No more waiting at airports for a plane I really don't want to get on!! Travel now is only to places I want to go.

    by: Joe W.

    I didn't know that there are so many different ways to spend retirement. I'd like to add one:

    - to be creative and productive on your own terms.

    Thanks Wendy!

    Joe W.

    Happiness as a choice
    by: Nancy

    Yes, Happiness is a choice, but depression isn't. Saying depression is a choice is like saying cancer is a choice.

    I also went into the grief mode when I retired. Grief is not a choice either. If I didn't let myself grieve, I would have had consequences later on.

    I cherish each day. I am 71 now, and I am more cognizant that my days are numbered, so I don't want to waste one day. I like getting plenty of sleep, nap every day, spend time on my hobbies which are quilting, piano, pets, and reading.

    Retirement Defined
    by: Anonymous

    Freedom! I can now live the rest of my life on my terms!

    A Matter of Choice
    by: Anonymous

    Every day is a matter of choice. You can volunteer one day, go shopping the next, or just watch a movie. Every day is a choice. You want to travel.. do it. You want... do it. Everyday can be different or the same.. it is a matter of choice. It is a journey.

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