Definition of Retirement: How do YOU define this odd time of life?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

I was email/chatting with Carrie this week, and part of her email just struck me as a great Retirement Definition.

I was WOW'd and thought I'd share her thoughts with retirees here (with her permission) - shown in the image above.

The part about retirement being one-third of our lives is so true. I've posted this many times on this site, but will say it again:

I retired at 55 with 37 years of service with one employer, County government. I thought I had spent a LIFETIME working, and I had. However, My mother is 93 in August. If, God willing, I am allowed a long life as she has, I will have been retired 30 years? 40 years? Yikes!

Thirty or forty years of gray foggy living is no place to be! We never know how many parts of life will turn out until we live them. We can, however, make the most of our years so they aren't gray and foggy. I do have faith. I pray you find a colorful life worth living, within your own retirement lifestyles, as we have much living left to do!

If you can define retirement, in your own words, I Invite You to do so below in the comments.

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What dreams do want to fulfill in retirement?
by: Larry Steward / SC

Good posts being made here - we don't know what to expect as we move into retirement and we don't know how long we will be here. Hopefully for a long and wonderful time. So how can we make the most from it?

I see it as the last chance to do something special you've been thinking about maybe for a long time but you just haven't committed to yet.

I will admit, at any age, to make big personal changes is never easy. One secret - don't try alone. What better place to make that decision and announce it here so all of us can serve as cheerleaders to help you make that dream come true.

I don't know about you, but what always inspires me is watching tv talent shows, where they showcase amateur singers of all ages, step out on a stage in front of a live audience of thousands and blow the lid of the place with their performance!

You learn from the behind the scenes interviews that most of these contestants are extremely nervous. Most usually have never experienced this type of extreme pressure and yet they get out there and deliver the performance of their lives.

You hear many admit that they have wanted to do this all their life and just never gave up. Talk about profiles in courage. What an acknowledgment of if you really believe in something you can move mountains to make it happen.

Keep this in mind if you're thinking maybe it's time for you to make some changes and experience something special in your golden years.

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