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Hi Wendy, I still read your column every week.

Things are not so good. I am caregiver for my wife (dementia), and lately it is getting harder to go on, but I keep trying.

I have a heart condition that I worry about all of the time, I am weak at this time, but I hope to regain my strength pretty soon.

I can not believe the cost of memory care units. I could easily go broke if I have to put her in a care home, she could live to be really old, and these things are really hard to even think about.

Keep up the great work on this column, it does people like me to hang in there. Thanks, Don P.

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by: Sherry/NC

My uncle has dementia. He still mows his lawn with a riding mover.

My aunt tells me usually gets off at some point while mowing shuts the motor off and then comes to sat down on the porch and falls asleep.

She helps him mow sometimes, but neither of them should be doing any mowing!!! They have lots of money to hire someone, but will not do it. She has fallen in a ditch before while helping him.

I told her she needs to take care of herself so she can care for him. I don't understand why they don't hire someone to do the mowing?

They one daughter and she lives out of state and I live 200 miles from them. I don't think their daughter knows exactly what is going on and I don't feel like I should be a "busy body".

I do go visit every 3 months and call them and my aunt calls me and tells me the recent news.

Should I call their daughter?

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