Depressed and lazy

Retired about a month and a half ago after 56 years of working... first thing on agenda was visiting family and friends I haven't seen in way too long.

That caught me off guard as I made aware of several extremely serious situations and predicaments; the worst seeing my brother who is seriously afflicted with PTSD....

I'm a little better now, but think and worry about him every single day. I finally cut it short and returned home after almost 4000 miles. Returning wasn't close to what I expected.

My wife and I had a falling out a week before I left, and she still wouldn't talk to me when I returned, despite me sending her post cards. In this case, time didn't heal anything.

That was 3 weeks ago... we finally started talking a few days ago, but I've been staying in our guest room (empty nesters). I had all kinds of plans for 'honey dos' and home projects, but can't get traction. I have a very hard time sleeping.

I was in a customer service job since 1971 after a 5 year stint in the Navy, and was used to fixing machines and making people happy (and receiving accolades in the process). Now I have nothing....

Sure hope I can turn this around soon or I'll go back to work.

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Do Small Repair Jobs
by: Tippy/Canada

Why not put an ad in the local papers and do small repair jobs? You have the skills!

Tell your wife you will use the money for her and you to travel and have new adventures. Could you tell your wife that you want to see her happy and that she is very precious to you; open the conversation now, before the stalemate worsens.

separate rooms
by: Anonymous

My husband and I had problems. I redid the attic, adding a bath, and now stay up there to sleep, pay bills, relax, etc. We often eat together. We talk casually. It is better that way. Our problems were longstanding. It is ok. Not great, OK. Many couples do it, I have found. Also I sleep better.

by: loyce

Transitions can be challenging when we are left with a void

Depressed and Lazy
by: Sherry/ NC

Always put your wife first and you will be a happy man!!!!

Go on and do it NOW; it isn't difficult.

Good luck
by: Green Bay plp

It sounds like you really lost track of your family if you did not know of their problems... if you didn’t care that much before, why so upset now?

And the biggest question is if your marriage was good before you left, how can it go so fast in the shitter now.

Your story is a little off? Making a major change is not that easy as we get older.

Yes, finances is a big issue unless you are wealthy. If not wealthy, sometimes you do not have options as splitting the little you have to TWO households does not work. Both of you would suffer and not having enough money for basic needs is very important. Our finances are all we got now!

Must be more to your story!

56 Years Of Working
by: Anonymous

WOW! After 56 Years of Working, You deserve a medal of honor for your dedication & courage.

Don't let anybody get you down. If you need to make some changes in your life to stay positive then go for it.

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