Depressed but then perhaps always was...

by Thumper - London UK

I am in UK. I took retirement at 55 as job was a stressful and though well paid, no morale or support from managers and felt very lonely.

I am now fed up as my confidence has gone and my low self esteem that I hid well in job has manifested.

If I had known I would of felt like this I would of stayed but then my rational thought tells me that perhaps if this had hit later ie MH issues then I would not be on therapy and medication to get well.

I guess its fear of unknown and for me as my partner is moving out of London, I will be going with him, so its double whammy of fear of unknown and existance.

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You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I think many of us hide behind our careers and our insecurities emerge after we retire. Worse, when you get older, you realize that society holds a reduced value of your worth.

These can get into your head if you let them, but we can fight back by realizing:

1- your worth is not your career

2- you can change your self image

I love this web site and wish you the best, my friend.

by: Anonymous

Hi: I've spent a great deal of my life fighting depression. Currently, I'm on medicine and in therapy. The medicine has helped me to stop sleeping during the day. I've started to knit and to read. I hope your move is a good one. I can understand your fear of the unknown. Good luck!

Retired at age 55? TOO EARLY!
by: Ken San Diego


You are like me, I SEMI-reitired when I was 55 because financially I was able to do so! ..but with the zero interest rates, and that income not coming in, I went to work part time for my friend's company doing the same type of work I did as a career (Accountant).

On Aug 11, 2016 I retired for good at age 66! The first 2 months were ok, but now? Too much time on my hands so I decided to do some traveling.

Every year I take the Coast Starlight Train Trip from Los Angeles to Seattle (I've done that each June, 11 times) last year I tried the cross country train for Los Angeles to Chicago (of all places) and I had more fun in Chicago... and I WENT SOLO! (Difficult to find anyone that can take time off work or afford to join me)

I also have traveled to Thailand 13 times where I have my other home, but those 18 hour flights are brutal at times!

So Don't be depressed, I get that way especially now during the holidays. Once the holidays are over, I'm ok.

Best Wishes!

Thanks for sharing
by: Donna Augusta, Mo

Thumper, good luck. look at your life as an adventure. i think that is one thing I have learned from retiring is to take each day one at a time. we are not guaranteed happiness. Each day we have new experiences.

Expecting change to offer adventure
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Thumper,

Making strong definitive changes seems to become especially challenging -the older we get. But it is also probably one of the things that keeps us young, curious and adaptive.

If you are about to make changes, you could consider bringing with you a notebook or pad where you can write down a days happenings, even as they happen. It helps to etch into your mind a new person you both might meet, what they looked like and certain things they said that stayed with you.

Each person we meet -- is like a novel we can begin to read. The more people we meet the less likely we are to get lost in our own anxieties. Life is a continuous journey and we can turn it into an adventure if we look outside ourselves to others for a few hours each day.

I hope you can keep us updated as you go along so we can share your particular journey. Many Blessings to you both.

by: Ned

I would try to find out about the area your moving to and look at it as a new adventure. If you will be staying there, I am sure there are many organizations that could offer you some guidance or you could even offer to volunteer your services as its a great ground breaker for meeting new people.

Good luck and keep your glass at least half full.


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