Depressed: One Year Retired

by Dan

I took a voluntary retirement from a job I hated about a year ago. I am 58 years old my wife is leaving me or being separated and she should be leaving next month but even prior to that I didn't have anything lined up when I retired.

I have some Financial stability I'm not too worried about that but I just sleep all day and watch videos and lately. I just been getting more and more depressed. not wanting to wake up just wanted to sleep.

I tried to do a couple of things that just weren't for me and I'm doing some volunteering activities at this point. I don't know where to go what to do.

I do believe in God and Jesus Christ but I don't feel any point of waking up. I think that's the thing for me, I don't have anything to look forward to.

I've come to the point where I'm just, you know, lost all my energy.

I need to find something that's going to lift me, up at least something that occupies time for 4 or 5 hours a day.

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Depressed: one year retired
by: Sherry/ NC

No you don't need to get on medication. All meds are bad for you and have side effects.

I have been depressed off and on for years. I fight it and when it really gets too bad I go see a therapist and talk it out!!

Your mind controls you! You have to help yourself.

Get outside and do something. The fresh air and scenery helps me a lot!! I go to a public garden here in my hometown and walk! It is beautiful with
lots of nature!! I have met folks there and have had very nice conversations!!

Join your local Senior Center. You will be amazed at the interesting retired folks you will meet there. Many activities at the Senior Center; cards, table tennis, library, crafts, exercise room with equipment all free. Exercise classes, musical instrument classes, different group activities for retired military, dancing classes and dances, computer classes, police dept. swat team with K-9 unit visits and talk and learn!!

I do volunteer work at my Senior Center once a week and twice a week at the gardens where I visit. I have learned the history which goes back to the 1700s very interesting and I give tours.

Much to do, keep on keeping on!! Life is hard, but you can learn an awful lot.

I am thinking of you!!

Depressed: One Year Retired
by: Wee Zer

Check out your local Senior Center. There are a lot of things they may offer to occupy your time and you may meet some nice people. My Senior Center even has volunteers who go to other Seniors homes to help do chores.

Our Senior Center has some activities like lunch at different restaurants. There are trips to other parts of the country and bus trips.

I know this church that is planning a trip for any members who what to go to Israel. You would have to pay for it of course.

You could volunteer at the Animal shelter to walk the dogs.

Then, there is no reason you couldn't get a job at a local store to stock shelves. Not exciting, but it would get you out of the house and you will meet people there.

Get up in the morning, get dressed and go out to breakfast to a local diner. Get a news paper and enjoy breakfast. If you go there every day you will be considered a 'regular'. Everyone will get to know you.

Join a local gym or YMCA. Spend some time doing group exercise then go for a swim in the pool.

The Senior Center and Library usually have book clubs where you all read the same book and then meet and discuss what you have read and your opinions.

Go and Google 'Meet Ups' and your zip code. You might find groups that hike, bike, visit wineries, lots of things!

Good luck to you!

by: Anonymous

Dan, first thing you need to do is see your doctor and get on anti-depressants. It will help you cope.

You won't be singing with butterflies fluttering around you, but you will be in a better state of mind to deal with your current situation. It takes a few weeks for the medication to start working so be patient. Good luck.

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