Depression mainly caused by husband

by Susie

So after losing my dear mum i got very low. Was actually low before losing her but not like this, now felt ill, knew it was full blown depression.

Husband (in name only) had got me very low, he does absolutely nothing. I spent years trying to get him to move but now have given up and don't care anymore what he doesn't do.

He's actually made me unable to stand him, can't be in his company. I am out everyday till evening.

But once home, I'm just the same i find myself looking at other people's husbands now. Seeing men involved in life, moving about, enthusiasm etc. No he does not have depression, he says, he does what he does because he can. Trouble is i can not stand it. Know i need to go but the logistics of it are not easy.

He would make it extremely difficult, he would dig his heels in. Were he to accept the truth and go along with divorce, i would jump at it.

Don't know how much longer i can stand, i have nothing to say to him.

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Oh Wow, I Can Relate
by: Canadian Retiree

Oh wow, I can truly relate to your pain. My husband retired a couple years before me and has bad health.

He started a few house projects last Spring and has since to finish them. Our place needs updates and renos but we just never get around to it. What bugs me the most is his refusal to finish the projects he started.

I have to live with clutter and paint equipment in the bedroom. I try not to say anything, but when I do he shuts down and won't communicate. He says I'm nagging him. I've even offered to hire someone to finish the painting.

When my sister calls she tells me all the house improvements my brother-in-law is doing on their new place and that gets me down.

It's a very frustrating position to be in, I certainly sympathize. I hope you are able to find some peace soon. Thanks for the post and for hearing my dilemma.

by: Sherry/NC USA

It takes courage! You can do it. Your mind controls you!

Seek therapy
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida


Speak with a counselor/therapist. A counselor/therapist will help you find your way out. Then, if needed, speak with a solicitor (lawyer). If YOU don't want to be married, get out now and enjoy your life. All the best.

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