Depression Tips

by Author Unknown

The author is unknown, but I just had to post this interesting list of Depression Tips. These ideas are nothing new, nothing even exciting -- however, as I see it, the bottom line is: Get Moving! Do Something. Force Yourself to Move, Make Yourself Feel Good Again. Yes, depression won't end that easily, but it certainly helps to bring good vibes into your life, day by day!

Depression Tips

Shower. Not a bath, a shower. Use water as hot or cold as you like. You don’t even need to wash. Just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. Sit on the floor if you gotta.

Moisturize everything. Use whatever lotion you like. Unscented? Dollar store lotion? Fancy 48 hour lotion that makes you smell like a field of wildflowers? Use whatever you want, and use it all over your entire dermis.

Put on clean, comfortable clothes.

Put on your favorite underwear. Cute black lacy panties? Those ridiculous boxers you bought last christmas with candy cane hearts on the butt? Put them on.

Drink cold water. Use ice. If you want, add some mint or lemon for an extra boost. I always use lemon.

Clean something. Doesn’t have to be anything big. Organize one drawer of a desk. Wash five dirty dishes. Do a load of laundry. Scrub the bathroom sink.

Blast music. Listen to something upbeat and dancey and loud, something that’s got lots of energy. Sing to it, dance to it, even if you suck at both.

Make food. Don’t just grab a granola bar to munch. Take the time and make food. Even if it’s ramen. Add something special to it, like a soft boiled egg or some veggies.

Prepare food, it tastes way better, and you’ll feel like you accomplished something.

Make something. Write a short story or a poem, draw a picture, color a picture, fold origami, crochet or knit, sculpt something out of clay, anything artistic. Even if you don’t think you’re good at it. Create.

Go outside. Take a walk. Sit in the grass. Look at the clouds. Smell flowers. Put your hands in the dirt and feel the soil against your skin.

Call someone. Call a loved one, a friend, a family member, call a chat service if you have no one else to call. Talk to a stranger on the street. Have a conversation and listen to someone’s voice.

If you can’t bring yourself to call, text or email or whatever, just have some social interaction with another person. Even if you don’t say much, listen to them. It helps.

Cuddle your pets if you have them/can cuddle them. Take pictures of them. Talk to them. Tell them how you feel, about your favorite movie, a new game coming out, anything.

May seem small or silly to some, but this list keeps people alive.

Remember: At your absolute best, you won’t be good enough for the wrong people. But at your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right ones. Remember that. Keep holding on.

In case nobody has told you today I love you and you are worth your weight and then some in gold, so be kind to yourself and most of all keep pushing on!!!!

Find something to be grateful for!

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Depression Tips
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

1. Laughter is the best medicine.

2. Let the thoughts go. You don't have to hold onto them. Settle your mind. Let it go blank. Search for quiet. You'll find wisdom underneath. You'll find you really are okay.

Depression lifted
by: Sherry/ NC

I have done some of these exercises in the past and they work; especially for me going outside for walk and being productive will lift my depression.

Solutions for Depression
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Wendy

That's an awesome collection of "solutions for depression" however you have omitted my favorite - holding a tea party at 5.00 pm every Friday.

Now some may think that this is being foolhardy - inviting your neighbors into your home - but if you can overcome your fears of being robbed (just move your valuables out of sight) then all will be well, the orchestra will be playing and you'll be waltzing off into a totally new future.

Let me know what happened when you tried this ...


Bernard Kelly - Geelong, Australia

Wendy: Not worried about neighbors and valuables... could be fun.

Response to Depression Tips
by: Irwin

Very well thought out and stated and most of all - so true! It works!

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