Did my life just die?

by Janna
(Dodge City IS. )

Hello. I am 61 years old and have been living in an assisted living facility for a year. My brother lives 60 miles away but rarely visits me. COVID19 has made living here quite difficult.

A year ago I was working full time and involved in a lot of community activities. Now if I leave the property I will be quarantined for 2 weeks!!!

I did not sign up for this. I feel like I am in prison and would welcome any correspondence.

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More Information
by: Wee-zer

Jana, can you tell us more as to why you are in assisted living? Did you have an illness that you are recovering from? Are you getting physical therapy and can you eventually go back home?

Your local Senior Center may be able to help steer you in the right direction. Such as getting a lawyer or finding you low cost living if you are capable of living on your own.

My senior center will take you to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, activities at the center. They have low-cost meals that can be delivered to your home. Sometimes therapists from VNA can come to your home to give you physical therapy if you qualify.

There are things out there to help those who are low income such as food stamps, housing subsidies, section 8 housing or senior low-cost housing.

Good luck and hope you find some solutions.

You are not alone
by: Cathy

You are not alone in your feelings. So many of us are locked in a prison not of our own making. The sense of isolation Covid 19 created feels strangling. We were born to be in connection with others.

I wish I could offer you a solution. But these are really tough times and a day by day patience is required. And when I don't have the patience, I pray for it. One day this will end.

I think touching base with Wendy is a good way to begin climbing out of any despair you may have. I'm rooting for you...And ask you root for me as well.

We are all in this strange, hard time together.

Double Jeopardy
by: Joe W.

It seems that 61 years of age is quite young to be placed in an assisted living facility. Does your brother or someone at the facility know the reason for the signature placement.

I don`t know what dementia or alzheimer's feels like but do you know if one of these is your present situation.

I suggest that you keep writing and asking questions in this forum, until you better understand what could be ailing you, and what you can do to find some positive solutions to your present situation.

Joe W.

You need professional aid that can help
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA 01240

Dear Janna: I am so horrified after reading your dilemma that there must be a possible solution somewhere.

I am 90 yrs old and I still live in my "owned" house with three sons living in the same town and my daughter just a few miles away.

You need a helpful mentor who lives nearby.
Is there anyway you can talk to. Can you leave the place you are in?

I know most places that are caregivers have to be
pretty strict for your sake. But this doesn't sound. right, Do you have a doctor or psychologist you can talk to or ask for help.

by: New England Lady

Accept what you can. Not much we can change. Life has to get better.

Appreciate the fact you have a place. neighbors. rides. and help and try to go forward. I hope your health isn't too bad.

Make some friends and plan ahead for better Days. Many of us are alone and may lose our homes so you being secure is putting you one step ahead! The Best has yet to come!

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Use the Contact Wendy page to write to me -- I will get you into the Retirement Community where you can chat with othrs.

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