Disability Can Come at Any Age

by David B

It has been two years since the last time that I worked. Due to degenerative spinal conditions I have been forced to file for Social Security Disability.

If I ever manage to get well enough to sit up for more than four hours at a time I intend to find some type of sustainable work. I just celebrated my thirty sixth birthday.

At the time my disability stopped me from doing pretty much everything, I was working as a home manager for a community home for the mentally handicapped. I had also returned to college to get an alternative certification to become a secondary school history teacher.

You can make plans for many things, but life has a way of sneaking up on you.

Thankfully I have a good relationship with my mother. She allowed me to move in with her since I was no longer able to financially support myself. In a way I have been lucky. I do not have an exwife to whom I pay alimony. I also do not have children to support. What looked to be a regrettable family life has turned into a mixed blessing.

As much as my situation is annoying, I cannot imagine not being able to support my own family or be able to participate fully in the lives of my children. The money that I get from disability, combined with my mothers social security check are barely enough to pay the bills.

We have both had to look at our finances and decide what really is a necessity and what is a luxury. Saving ten dollars a month by cancelling a movie rental membership may not sound like much, but if you manage to find half a dozen or more minor luxuries to do without, it can add up.

Anything is manageable as long as you really take the time to evaluate the important things in life.

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Thank you
by: Janice

David, thank you for sharing your story. Good luck and best wishes to you and your mother. I really hope you DO get well enough to go back to work.

Thanks for your story
by: Anonymous

You are right. We can't even imagine what you and your mother are giving up in order to support each other.

As a mother myself I know that your apreciation is all your mother wants from you. Life is cruel sometimes. The test of good character comes with how we manage our adversities.

I hope this website gives you an outlet to communicate with others. First thing in the morning when I'm feeling miserable I like read the postings on here. Sometimes I comment myself.
It all helps.

Trials that we face
by: Nina from London

Hello David,

How special you are to face the trials that have been thrown your way with such a positive view. It is amazing! May you be given strength each day and fortitude. No one really is guaranteed a smooth ride or an easy journey but we can limit the damage by being grateful for what we have.

It has inspired me to read your comments. Wishing you the best!

Sincerely, Nina

by: Goldie

Your mother must be very proud of you for being a son who has an attitude of appreciation.

May you find strength and support in each other. Wishing you a healthy life. God bless you both!

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