Disability, Depression at Retirement, Counselling helped me.

by Mary L.

Yes depression is a kind of disease which can lead to so many problems. Yes I had depression after my retirement.

It lasted for 1 year and now iam totally free from it. I took psychological counselling for treating my depression and I took treatment for 5 months.

I felt very sad and was kicking when I felt my office door, Because of disability called diplopia I was told to move out of the company. It was a difficult decision to accept in the beggining and I fell into deep depression thinking abot it. It fells so bad to leave from an company in which you have been working for more than 20 years. Thanks.

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by: Rox/BCH

I, personally, was working as hard as I could to keep myself above water...with no education to speak of, I was given only menial jobs. But I was working hard and a hard worker. I just didn't realize how BADLY I needed to get BACK onto SSI.

I enrolled myself into an institution back east in my early 20's, not knowing what I was in store for, from the lack of nourishment and sleep, I had been hitchhiking. They gave me three ECT's (shock treatments) and put me out on SSI and no viewable future, I ran. I am from the west coast.

Anyway, I stayed on SSI til my dad died and left me some money which I used to get on my feet enough to work, cause I felt he wanted that. I worked here and there for almost 23 years...losing jobs and moving around to cope.

Well, it turned out that finally I was unable to get work and went, with the urging of friends, to see a therapist. BINGO. I had to go to court to get back on disability and SSI, but the judge concured. I just couldn't see it.

And since they call it something like depression with PTSS (syndrome) I am STILL going for aid to get myself..to myself. But I would NEVER be able to imagine being told to go away by someone I had worked for as long as you.

Praying you find the strength to not see it as a bad thing. There is SO much out there to do.

Look and ye shall find. Want and ye shall achieve. Honest. Just take your time, smell the coffee and roses, meet new people, get on google for ANY quest you think of. BE HAPPY!

If you are alive, there is something BETTER for you out there.

Really, hon. Rox

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