Disability Insurance, if you can't work any more

by John

I became disabled in 1998 and I was young 32 yrs old. I had been working as an Administrative Assistant and Accounts Payable Clerk for many years when my kidney problems got so bad I could not work anymore not even part-time.

My work offered a bare minimum disability policy that in hindsight would have been worth investing in. I applied to Social Security for disability benefits and even though I had 6 Doctors saying I had medical problems preventing me from working I was denied. It took 19 months but I won my case and got my disability.

I can tell you 13 years later, I struggle. I have to work against Doctors orders to make ends meet because SSDI does not cover my bills at all...

I recommend to everyone I know , no matter what the cost or how small the payments seem with a disability policy your work offers get it because in the end that little bit could make a difference. Had I taken that policy out through my work, I could live comfortably today it paid 60% of my income for short-term 90 days then 50% long term and that $640 a month would help immensely today.

I hate I have to work and suffer but it is my own stupidity to not have taken the policy. If your work does not offer a policy find a private one you can purchase because months maybe years down the road it will pay off immensely when you least expect it..

I hate being on SNAP and Medicaid I miss being able to go to music concerts my credit sucks because I cant meet basic housing needs I feel like an embaressment to my family.

I cannot stress enough to invest in a disability policy or put money away in a 401L, IRA something that you can count on in case you find your self suddenly unable to work...

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