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What to do?...What to do?
by: Norm

I am a 53 year old man and have retired due to a disability. I recently had a 6th major knee surgery. I am still rehabing and get around without a cane.

I try to fight off depression by looking on the lighter side of life but every day seems to be filled with wondering what am I going to do today. My wife of 22 years past away 7 years ago and i am alone.

I am a FB junkie. I spend way too much time on FB and it has become my life, seeing that I spend 10 to 12 hours a day on it. I'm looking for more because I know that I am more. For those of you who are "OK", in a situations as mine, please send out some suggestions on how I could get to that point of being "OK" too.

Wendy I know how addicting Facebook is... but there is more to life.

Why not start a blog and write about FB Addiction and how to do things on FB (to teach others)? Why not share about your new retired life on a blog or website? Help others learn what you've already been through... Write about a hobby you enjoy? Food? Vacation spots?

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