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by: Om Joshi

I read the experiences, Joining the University or school at senior age is good, but if one has any problem best ideas will be writing experiences of life. Every one might have faced difficulties in life so one can write how one has solved and overcome the problems.

We can make an organigation to publish these experiences in book form, which can be useful to the young generation.

I take responsibility to publish/or any body may like to do it. As soon as 10 articles are there we may publish. The work will be on no profit basis. Senior people can think and write.
Om Joshi

Many Blessing
by: Stella

I am so sorry that your life took an unexpected turn. You are a very strong woman.

My daughter went to collage a little later in life to become a nurse. She is in her 40's and now working on her master's degree.

It really takes a special person to work in the health field, it's not something just anyone can do.

Many Blessings

Always the Oldest Student in My Class
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

Dear friend,

Although your story has nothing funny about it, the way you narrate it in a funny way makes me recall my own experience of being the oldest in the class.

After my retirement from my teaching job in the college at the age of 62 years in 2005, i took up a post retirement job as a Visiting Reader in Banking and Insurance in a management Institute in New Delhi, India. All my colleagues were young, younger than my sons and at the start of their teaching career.

I encouraged them to appear in the NET, National Eligibility Test in order to qualify to be full time permanent teachers in the University system. I decided to apply for this test myself.

I duly received my Examination Hall Ticket in due course and went to the examination center. there was a big rush there and some 2000 candidates were waiting outside the gates to enter the examination hall.

I joined the long queue of waiting young aspirants. When my turn came to enter the gate, the guard stopped me and told me that only the candidates could go in, not the parents. He thought that I was the father of one of the young girls entering the examination hall. Then I showed my Examination hall Ticket with my photo on it. He permitted me to enter the hall.

As I searched for the allotted room, I was stopped at every door and told that parents are supposed to wait outside the gate. During the course of the 4 hour examination, I was visited by more than 30 invigilators at the examination center, some of them examining my Hall Ticket, my photo on it, and the hand held microscope that I had carried into the examination hall in order to be able to read the fine print of the question paper. Many of the invigilators would exclaim "Uncle, Aap!" (You, uncle!) and look at me in dismay.

When the result came, my name was not in the list of candidates who had passed. It seems that i had missed the row of dots which was the first row in the computer-readable answer sheet. My poor eyesight cost me dear.

Dear friend, you did well to try. If things did not work out as they should have, it is none of your fault. You write very well and I suggest that you adopt creative writing as your hobby. Wendy and her website will be a great help to you in this.

Best wishes to you. DK from New Delhi, India

Went Became
by: Kae

Hi Pat,
You still "are" to me, and you have shared a real life example of courage and determination that is extremely inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

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