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by: JOAN

I am a married female living in Vermont. I also have copd. We retired here from Ct. 7 years ago.

My copd has gotton worse over the years. I use oxygen at night to sleep and when doing exercise. My main problem is shortness of breath. I have thank God no other medical problems.

My husband and I live together, but have seperate lives. We have been married 50 years and I now know we have stayed together because we were both working, had our own interests. We have nothing in common. He is basically a good person and helps with the chores. But I am lonley. He spends evening watching t.v. in one room and me in another, with my computer and t.v.

We have met some nice people here, but I do not have the energy to keep up with them. Have been a very self dependant person and loved outdoor activities.

Disability and COPD
by: Anonymous

Just found out I have COPD, early 40's, non-smoker. can I retire early as I have dizzy spells and cannot concentrate/breathe well at work?

Wendy You can take a Social Security Disability IF you cannot do your current job AND cannot do other jobs. My guess is that if you were just diagnosed, there is some type of work you can do. You might want to look into the ADA (Americans w/Disabilities Act) and, if possible, ask for an accommodation to help you work longer.

At some point, you will likely take a disability. You can find a Social Security specialist/ attorney and get a free consultation with most. They can advise if you are ready to apply -- and most will take your case, at no cost, until you win (and then some of the retroactive amount due will go to the attorney).

Social Security is calculated on 35 years of working income. If you have 20 years (age 20-40), you'd have 15 years with $ -0- earnings... bringing your average lots lower. If you can work longer, even if at a lesser wage, it helps...

Just think, when you do start to draw Social Security Disability, you want the highest amount possible as you'll draw it for the rest of your life (with only small increases, maybe, along the way).

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