Disability Retirement soon

by Vickie

I am 61 and will be leaving my full time job due to health issues. I plan on filing for SS Disability. If not approved by the time I am 62, can I file for my early Retirement benefits so I have some income coming in until it is. Will this hurt my disability claim. I understand that if not approved, I will continue to receive reduced benefits.

Also, when I leave my job, I will be able to ask for my pension and draw a check each month. Will I be allowed to do that, or will that cause a problem; will it be considered income. It will only be about $400 for a specified # of months, but between that and my reduced benefits I will have something until my disability is approved. The disability benefits would then suffice when my pension stops in a 3 years.

Thanks for your help! Also, I have a friend who currently works for SS, can she be my Representative on an appeal.

Wendy: Social Security Disability is a pain to get approved. IF you have a real documented disability (ask your doctor, he'd know if if you have a chance in getting approved), keep trying for SS Disab. It will pay you approximately the full SS amount.. well worth trying.

If you get a SS Attorney, instead of going it alone, he will take part of your back pay but often takes the case at no cost, up front -- BUT you'll have a higher SS payment for life. Be sure its a SS Attorney, someone who specializes, they know their SS.

Finally, pension won't harm SS. Most of the disabilities I worked with DID have a pension -- and filed for SS Disability waiting for the final decision. You worked for it, you earned it, now you simply must qualify... that's the tough part, but an Attorney will get you through the system much quicker!

Hope this helps!

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I got SSD and SSI
by: Anonymous

I have a mental disability, from long ago, and wanted back on SSI, it is different than just the SS. Anyway, I had to go through a Social Security Attorney, (Bender and Bender, if I can name them) and got it after being turned down (to RETURN) to SSI, I also got SSD.

And yes ANY moneys you recieve monthly will be dealt with by the gov. But the attorney only took money out of the sum from 'back payments' due during my filing time, while we were fighting to get on, otherwise he would not charge me.

After talking to your doctor (which is a real good idea) talk to them on the phone, there are others, they will decide if you are worth the risk. And only 1/3 of what your lump starting amount is worth the pain and .... It did take a little over a year for me. And we did go to court.

Good luck and learn to budget ANYWAY. :)

ss disability
by: v french

I retired on ss disability at age 60. I hsd had 2 major back surgeries 17 months before deciding to go out on ss dsability.. it only took a coupla months to get it started. But i got back pay from the date i applied. My doctor had wanted me to retire years before but being stubborn i kept working.

i had to wait 27 months to get my medicare started at age 62.

When i became 65 yrs of age. Ss changed me over to gave me a bit more money. i was on original medicare when it finally got started. Then i got a hmo to help with my health insurance. medicare does not cover everything.

I found out the hard way - Your pension will not have one a thing to do with your pension.

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