Disastinator & Seeking Happiness

by Disastinator

Below are the things I try to do everyday as I struggle with my main problems of procrastination and the retirement blues. Thanks to Wendy for the coaching call as she told me that I may not be doing as bad as how I currently feel.

1) After taking my prescribed aspirin just before bedtime, I listen to a podcast or audiobook related to happiness/depression, procrastination, hypnosis, or motivation.

2) Set my alarm to sleep 8 hours but I usually wake up at least one hour early, so I decide to listen to another self-help podcast or audiobook.

3) Listen to the 10-20 min. Happiness Podcast (Dr. Robert Puff).

4) Meditation, such as the Insight Timer app or Heartbeat/breathing exercise (Tony Robbins).

5) Force myself to get out of bed by using the 5 Second Rule (Mel Robbins).

6) Drink a glass of water, then exercise (push-ups, sit-ups & dumbbells).

7) Have breakfast with my family and watch TV.

8) Gratititude journal, let go of a regret or other negative emotion, & 3 small goals for the day (Neil Pasricha's Two Minute Mornings).

After this morning routine, I usually don't end up working on my long to-do lists that have accumulated over the years (unless there is a specific deadline or urgency).

I mindlessly watch TV or surf online on the same self-help topics, then take a nap until dinner and the procrastination cycle continues until it's time to sleep. :(

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Keep moving physically and mentally
by: Anonymous

Watching TV and surfing the net too much don't bring happiness or contentment.

I would recommend that you get involved with some activities that get you out of the house and where you can meet others. Join a gym, the Y, or start walking and bike riding! Volunteer at your local community center, church, or library. I bike ride a lot.

After a career in accounting, I got my real estate license. It keeps me busy part-time, I get to meet new people, and it gives me a sense of purpose.

Keep your body moving through physical activity, stimulate the mind as you explore new activities/hobbies and meet new people, and happiness and contentment will follow.

Like to help
by: Mike

Hi there in Canada,

It’s a heat wave down here in Oz.

Mate to be honest it sounds like you are not in a good place. Been there done that.

I would like to help you and my advice is to get out and about as much as possible,
Go down to the local amateur sports club, Rugby or whatever and ask can you volunteer. You may be surprised they would love some help.

Always remember that anxious and depressing thoughts are mostly lies.

Get out there and find a passion. That’s sounds easy I know and it’s not easy in reality.

Sounds like you have healthy lifestyle which is to be commended.

If you cannot shake the blues get professional help, I did and its helps a lot.

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