Discovering my Ancestors

by Keith R. Dawson
(Toowoomba, Australia.)

The site of Pauls Wharfe, The Trafalgar Neckerchief  of 16 year old Samuel Enderby IV

The site of Pauls Wharfe, The Trafalgar Neckerchief of 16 year old Samuel Enderby IV

Recuperating from a 1989 Heart attack, I decided to continue my investigation started when I was four years old and was at My Grandfather Henry Enderby's in Boston, Lincs. UK when he had a large parcel delivered to him which when unwrapped revealed a glass case containing a model of a ship in full sail.

I now know that a sister of Gordon of Khartoum otherwise known as Chinese Gordon, had left instructions in her will that the model of the ship Samuel Enderby that appears in Moby Dick chapters 100 & 101 was to go to each of his Ancestors for a period of time, at the end it was to be deposited in the Maritime Museum Greenwich, UK, just down the hill from Samuel Enderby III's House on Coombe Hill, Blackheath, that is now the presbytery for the Catholic church built in it's garden.

This can be seen on Google earth uphill of the church and will be visible on TV at the time of the Olympic Equestrian events in the Great Park, Greenwich, They may show you the Roman type bath of Caroline Princess of Wales in the South West Corner of the Park near to the site of the Earl of Sandwich's house that Caroline lived in and her husband King George Iv had demolished just because she had lived there as he did to Brunanburgh House in London that she lived in after her sojourn on the Continent and had come back to claim her rightful position as Queen of England.

In investigating my ancestors, I came across other stories some unknown, some incorrectly known.

There is a possible Religious connection to the settling of Sydney, through the connection of Gov. MaQuaries and King, and John MacArthur, also the connection of the Enderby's and the Otis And Treat Paine clique in the Massachusetts Boston of the 1829, in which year Samuel Enderby III was represented at the 200th.

Anniversary Dinner of the Massachusetts Bay Company charter in Nahant, a event that American Historians are skeptical that it occurred.

American Historians do not know much about Nathaniel Wheatley who took his ''sister'' Negro Slave Phillis Wheatley to London to have her book printed, the first by a Negro, And to have a portrait painted in an off shoulder white (bridesmaids?) dress. Nathaniel had relations in Greenwich in 1773 as he used their address for the Marriage license, the Portrait may have been painted by a Wheatley cousin who was to paint a famous portrait of Australia's first Governor, Captain Phillips. This Wheatley was also described as a son of a Master Tailor the same as Nathaniel Wheatley's father in Boston, Mass. in America Nathaniel is libelled as being a Loyalist when he is obviously a Patriot from the information I have found. Nathaniel died between 1776 and 1781 when Mary Enderby returned to England with two daughters.

My book by the Strategic Publishing Group, ''Caroline Princess Of Wales & Other Forgotten People'' can be purchased through Amazon, it contains a few other stories of general interest, all written I hope in a general interest way.

Other retirement occupations are travel for history and nature. My wife has tried a few other pastimes such as Croquet and Mah-jong, the later she likes as she wins.

In retirement you must have an occupation, preferably one with some physical activity to your liking.

The Picture is of Pauls Wharfe from where at least the organising of the ships for the Boston Tea Party were organised and the Endeavour. all in the pursuit of Whales the oil industry of the day and of Evangelic Protestant religions. My second book ''The Founding Of Sydney'' is ''on the stocks'' and will show how oil & religion caused Australia to be developed. John Biscoe an Enderby Whaling Captain Discovered Antarctica naming part of the continent Enderby Land.

Keith R. Dawson.

2012 Update: A PS Investigations have proved I am Not a Legitimate descendent of Samuel Enderby the whaler. William Enderby is the only one to have male descendents and they have diminished to two known to me. Book finished looking for publisher. The photo of the Enderby wharf site is not shown. the site is the northern end of the Foot Suspension Bridge across the Thames.
Keith R. Dawson

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Discover my Ancesters
by: joyce

I had a break from searching my tree... now another lady has sent me details about living relations in portsmouth uk.

I have looked for surnames on genes reunited and corresponded with others tracing the same surnames:
McDowell /Dumbrell/ Wyatts/ Rundles

if you think we are searching the same surnames please contact me

Family Tree
by: joyce portsmouth uk

I have been searching my family tree for years. I recently had a email from a second cousin, in colorado, who is my great uncle Williams granddaughter .

She sent me photos of my father, Edmund Mcdowell, and my uncle Jack.

Isn’t it great that she saw my advert on wendys site?

Wendy: So thrilled for you! Retirees -- need to call this one to your attention: All Joyce did is post on my site with her name and location. That's it.
Someone from her family was searching for her, and found her indexed in Google, under She wrote, I made the connection, and the world is a better place! Just one more reason to post your story,.. never know who will find you!

Anonymous Ancestors
by: Anonymous

Your forefathers do not have to be famous.

It is great to trace them and watch for information as generations moved from rough pioneering to modern professions.

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