Do tv shows reinforce our negative sense of self?

by Carol
(West Chester)

Sad. Funk. Odd person out. Busy but not satisfied at the end of the day. No or little purpose with each day. I read these or variations on various posts and each and every one resounded with me.

My previous life was full of being busy with work related issues to resolve, being bored at work, of having to find things to do to keep from "going stir crazy" at work. Sure, being the odd person out at work was not satisfying and hurt, some days had purpose and some days did not seem to have any purpose except to keep my desk from floating away. Hmmm, life now sounds like a repeat as I reread my words.

Change of attitude? Maybe, but at my age what I am is what I am. However, I would like some positive, reality reference to help me through this maze of life.

Tv shows, ads, movies do not address the older person in a positive role. Before you say Turn off the TV!!! let's admit most of us do watch it at times. All people do not watch tv but for those of us who have and do so I believe the tv shows, and even the advertisements set up negative expectations for us in retirement.

How many tv sitcoms have older people with canes the Father in Frazier) or older people who are sad and feel like the odd person out.

Ads - Take your choice, undergarment pads, medications with side effects, or the Happy, smiling, flexible, youthful older person delighted to move to XWZ residential care. I know a couple who moved to a Residential Village and they are very happy there - they also have the financial means to enjoy life without worrying about costs.

Movies are doing a bit better for us older folks. The Bucket List comes to mind. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a fun movie about older folks and how they enjoyed being retired. Once again behind the scenes is the fact that these folks had the money to travel.

Would we watch a tv sitcom about older people? Would it influence differently how we live our retirement? How would you create a tv sitcom for people in retirement? What would they do daily?

Or maybe I just need to give myself permission to enjoy each day and to not worry about frittering away a day now and then.

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Negative TV
by: Anonymous

I once sent a letter to my local TV station asking them if big Pharma owned the station since watching just the news seem to be geared towards older people with ads.

It is true that most all we watch is promoting sickness and pills with added adverse reactions, cancer death and other if we do not already have.

The Tv shows now a days show little intelligence with the young people seeming like small children, so I watch little TV and rent movies to watch.The point this brings to me is that feeling out of touch is not surprising I don't know Movies titles and other in a conversation with my children.

Not quite sure which of these is better to live with. Not knowing, not watching or selecting for my self and enjoying it alone without a conversation.

The road I am on is steriotyped no matter what. I remain who I am.

Wendy: You are so right about the Pharmaceutical Companies and their commercials. First you see someone running through fields of beautiful grass and flowers, as this is how this drug will make you feel, well again. Then, as fast as humanly possible, they rattle off all the side effects, including death.

Really? I'm going to take a drug to cure my toenail fungus and possibly face all these other internal issues? Really?

TV Watching For Seniors
by: Joe W.


Hi! Your current situation in retirement is probably similar with many seniors. I watch TV almost every day (right now I'm watching an NHL hockey playoff game). I don't watch TV sitcoms. I watch a lot of the PBS (public TV) programs.

Yes, I think that we need a separate group for the 50+ demographic. I'm working on this mission as part of my 'Seniorpreneur Project' to help seniors 50+ become more active, creative and productive in their own retirement life.

We need more Leaders to stick up for seniors and get them back in the game, instead of watching too many sitcoms,buying scratch tickets and going out to play Bingo or to the local Casino.

If you need any more help please advise.

Joe W.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Dear Carol,

I read & hear what u r saying.Im 66 female, old to sit at a barstool & young to sit at a seniors centre!

l find people between the ages of 55 & 70 r stuck~ Where do we go to meet other people our age. l'm so sad, depressed, disappointed, LOST. Live on a budget & barely make ends meet each month. Other than the basics, l NEED new clothes eg. underwear,pjs', shoes, slacks, tops. BUT no extra money to buy them!

If 1 needs to meet new people, 1 needs to look & feel good. Haven't been to get hair cut for long x ~ trim myself.

TV is the pits. TV does not cater to older people, stupid reality shows (99% younger people) looking for their 15 min. of fame~~ Whatever happened to the funny ( not stupid sex talk ) sit com?

Retirement, if 1 has money is probably great, but that doesn't include 95% of retirees !

Family ???? Alone l went to Subway for Easter dinner - spent long weekend alone- BEATS ME.

There comes a x when (we) become invisible, even to our closest family members. That includes phone calls , text msg, emails...

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