Do you have a Lost Pension?

by Wendy

Do you know there are more than 38,000 people who have pension benefits they are owed? Are you one of these folks?

The unclaimed pension benefits amount to over $300 million dollars. Lost pensions range from 12-cents to almost $1-million dollars.

The states with the most missing pensions with money to be claimed are:

• New York (7,031/$42.38 million)
• Illinois (4,129/$79.63 million)
• California (3,082/$8.52 million)
• Texas (2,487/$12.32 million)
• New Jersey (2,288/$12.84 million)
• Ohio (2,109/$15.22 million)

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Search Directory can help you find out!

What happens if you search (bottom left at above page link) and find your name on the list? Simply follow through with details so they know this really is you. This process generally takes 4-6 weeks. After they conclude you are the right person, you can apply for benefits.

If you have moved around from employer to employer over your work years, there is always the possibility that you have pension money out there. Check it out!

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early retirement
by: Anonymous

I will be 65 August of 2015. Full retirement is 66. If I retire in August of 2015 -- will I get social security for the balance of the year.

Or will it be better to retire in January of 2015.

Wendy You will get the rest of the year... whether you continue to work, or not, is your decision. You must be ready, psychologically... and have things you can do after you retire.

p.s. It is easier, in my mind, to retire earlier in the year, than in the midst of winter. Then its dark and kinda dreary out -- and just puts you in a depressed mood. If you leave in the spring, summer, even fall -- you have decent days where you can easily get out of your home and PLAY some!

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