Does SBI include e-newsletters?

by Fern
(Creston, BC, Canada)

I'd like to learn more about creating e-newsletters and I want to build up networking skills. Does SBI include building and distributing e-newsletters?

Wendy: SBI does it all... and I know darn well I'll sound like an SBI cheerleader here, but I can't help it.

The Action Guide (manual) teaches you all about websites... step by step, finding the right keywords, writing pages, getting readers, networking with other sites and your visitors, doing your e-newsletter.. and a whole lot more, including building an income.

Really -- this IS an e-business. I earn an income... so it's work after retirement, but it's also FUN FUN FUN (to me) and it's my extra retirement income too!

If you have any questions, just ask, or write to me personally using the "Contact Me" button to the left!

p.s. I started a new website today -- FUN FUN!

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