Doing Nothing: The True Meaning

by AMV

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Talking of neuroscience, which has been a subject of deep interest to me for decades, I am determined to master the new field of neuroplasticity.

A great book that led me to into it was “Switch on Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a well known author and coach in the field of mind body medicine. A reference from that book led me to another great book, The Genie in your Genes, by Dawn Church, subtitled, Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention.

It is my nature to get into the depths of any field I decide to master. So it was natural for me to research genes, DNA, RNA, and the process of gene expression that provides the instructions for assembling proteins that support cell biology! I now understand how thoughts control the health of body and mind.

For my friends who misunderstood me when I stated “DO NOTHING” as my goal in retirement, all this learning is included in my “do nothing” philosophy. I don’t have to work part time in an accounting office from 10 to 2, or as a volunteer for four hours a day, twice a week. Do Nothing means, do what the hell you want !!

So, this new learning activity has been an extension of my website,, which I plan to expand someday in the future to include this new learning.

Now back to my books…and a morning walk in nature, doing nothing!!

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by: Laura in Vermont

I guess I read you right the first time. Figured you had more going on than just vegetating!

Being not so endowed with continuous manic energy myself, I wondered at the need for lots of activity in retirement for everybody.

It seems many need to decelerate gradually from busy schedules. But I for one will easily lapse into my natural speed without the threat of boredom!

Thanks for the inspiring post!

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